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Saturday, 20 October 2018


Gabrielle's P.O.V:
"Oh my God! Boo boo bear!" She panicked rushing to touch the man she claimed to love.
"Don't you dare! You're a demon! You killed him! Just like you killed every other person I loved!" I yelled as I shook Luke so hard as though he had fallen into deep sleep.
"You think I wanted to kill him? No, love. I had my gun aimed at you before he intruded but now, I can make things right for myself" she said as she aimed the gun right at me to shoot.
Immediately, Martin's men shot her from behind causing her to fall hard to the fall with her icy blue eyes wide open, staring dead at me.
Everyone inside the ball on hearing the sound of gun, ran helter scatter as they took cover for their dear lives.
"Don't just stand there! Call the ambulance or something!" I ordered one of them.
Martin rushed in to see the commotion.
"What in the devil's name happened here?" He asked as he made his way to help me up.
"I don't know how to begin to explain, Martin. But, please we need to take Luke to the hospital. He...he's still alive. His pulse are active. P..please just..."
"calmare il mio amore. Oyi..Rizo..Dante, I want you boys to take this young man to the nearest hospital you find. Make sure he gets attended to, okay" he dictated to his men who stood ready for his words.
"I'm going with them" I said picking my purse up so I could join in to take Luke to the hospital.
"We have to give our statements when the cops get here, my love. And from what happened here, I don't think it'll be safe for you to go out there on your own" he said sounding a lot more like Luke.
"Oh my God, Martin. Please! Look, I have to go with him to the hospital. I lost my best friend six years ago and I'm not ready to loose another person I know. I promise to be safe, I got your men with me. All I ask is for your approval, please" I pleaded, trying not to sound trembled.
"Okay. careful il mio cuore" he said giving me a hug before letting me go.
My heart felt like they were on a marathon as I got into the car to be with Luke.
It felt so weird.
He hurt me and here I was crying on his shoulder for him to wake up, to say something...anything just to prove he'll be fine.
Please..don't die on me, I beg you.
Just hang in there. Even if you got no reason to, at least...for Christ sake!
I thought as my hands caressed his hair.
His blood, soaked on my gown, his eyes shut close and his eyes, still warm but felt dead.
"Can you guys hurry up?" I insisted to Rizo and Dante who kept their attention fixed on the road.
I didn't want Luke to die.
Even the devil knew that. I may not love him or care about him like I do but let's be honest, every life was precious.
Soon, we arrived at the hospital and indeed, Martin's men stuck to their boss's word. They made sure they found efficient doctors to attend to Luke.
"What happened to him ma'am" one of the nurses asked.
Are you kidding me? He obviously got shot !
"A lot more than I can say but please save him! He's.." I said as I watched them take him into the ER.
"all I've got" I whispered.
What was the matter with me? Why was I feeling this way for the man that ruined my life? The one man who I trusted so much but couldn't even trust me?

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