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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Such a beautiful thing.
A funeral in a way, except that everyone's wearing white, looking all classy and there's cake.
You didn't take that serious did you?
(Chuckles) Loosen up, sweet pea.
It was two weeks to my wedding to Martin. I was super excited about the whole thing. We had friends coming over, here and then. Wedding and event planners trooping in and out carrying samples for a thing or two.
It was finally here.
My wedding day.
It's said that a woman's wedding day is one of the happiest days of her life. I see that now, even though it wasn't the D-day.
Luke was still unconscious. The doctors said he was lucky the bullets didn't hit a major artery else, he would have lost his life.
I made sure I stopped by the hospital with Martin to drop flowers and find out how he was faring.
Truth be told, I wasn't sure of what I felt for Luke. As a matter of fact, I never wanted think twice of the matter.
I'm sure whatever it would go away after I get married to Martin.
It was indeed a stressful day today, we had to go test cakes, try wedding gowns, shoes, name it all.
I remember as a kid, weddings were one of the reasons we went to church. The others were for funerals and morning mass.
You always see the groom looking as nervous as a child on his first day of school, the bride on the other hand will be so beautiful in a way no one has ever seen her before.
Whenever it was time to kiss the bride,
momma would cover my eyes. Little did she know, the internet had it's disadvantage.
"Baby, a call came in from the hospital" Martin walked into the living room where I sat with a blabbing event planner. Completely bored at the conversation we seemed to be having.
"Excuse me" I said standing up to meet him.
"They wanted to inform you about Luke. He's conscious." He spoke swaying my hips.
"Oh my God honey, that's great news!" I rejoiced.
This was what I've been avoiding all along, what to do or say when he becomes conscious.
"Indeed it is, My love. We should go see him" he added taking a sip at the wine he had in his glass.
Baby, no. That's highly impossible. What am I supposed to say to him? 'Hey Luke.. How're you?'
"Yeah we should"
"Today, then" he said hurriedly walking into the living room.
"I'm so sorry Mrs. Carter. We have to go see a friend of ours. Could you possibly come back tomorrow?" He asked the woman who gave me the evil eye thinking I was the one who talked him into the decision because I didn't take her conversation seriously.
"I'm sorry" I whispered.
"It's fine Mr.&Mrs. Moretto, I'll schedule for Friday. Thank you for your time" she appreciated before leaving.
"Martin!" I whisper-yelled.
"What?" He smiled broadly.
"That lady doesn't like me for a bit ya know?" I said.
"That's why this will be her last visit" he chuckled sweeping me off my feet as he sang his way to the room.
I honestly didn't get why I felt nervous going to see Luke after what happened before.
I thought it was the fact that I was excited about the wedding but no, it seems like something different.
Something I can't process.

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