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Friday, 26 October 2018


"Welcome Mr. Martin and Miss Gabrielle" the doctor ushered us in.
"Thank you" we appreciated.
"Uhm..your friend seems to be a bit problematic to us" he began and I felt my blood run cold.
"Immediately he gained consciousness, he said he needed to go see you. We told him he needs to rest for a while but he insisted we call you here first or he's going to go see you himself" the doctor explained and I must fess, I felt embarrassed.
Why the hell would he put up an act like that? In a hospital! This is crazy, Luke is clearly crazy.
"I'm so sorry about that, Doctor Owen. It's been a while they saw. What can we say? Friendships nowadays" Martin laughed.
Why? I don't get why he's covering up for Luke's nonchalant behavior.
"Can we see him now, Doctor?" I asked.
We were directed to ward 009, getting there...we see Luke peacefully asleep.
His brunette hair that I've dry yet in it's place.
His lips pursed as though he's never spoken for days.
Literally, he hasn't. Now that I think of it.
"I think we should come back later" I told Martin and the nurse who took us there.
"Gabby" I heard him call hoarsely.
My blood thickened just having to hear him call me, my mouth ran out of salivary glands and my body, unable to move an inch.
It was like I had frozen.
"Luke" I cleared my throat.
Now.. What do I say?
"Hey" we both said causing Martin to smile.
"Hi, pleased to meet you. I'm Martin Moretto, Gabby's fiancé" he said confidently.
I watched Luke's expression harden as he swallowed the truth hard.
"So you're the mystery guy?" Luke laughed as if he was trying to console himself.
"I would say so. Glad you're all good. Gabby was so worried" Martin said jestingly.
His face lit up hearing Martin say those words.
" know that's.. I put it" I laughed nervously.
"I appreciate how ever it was you put it. Martin..thank you too. For taking care of Gabby but I'd love to have a word alone with her if you don't mind" he requested of Martin.
"Absolutely" Martin said as he kissed my cheeks before walking out.
There we were..
Engulfed by silence as our hearts seemed to be the ones communicating.
The machines in the ward stood as the audience like we were in some sort of show performance.
"Gabby.." He began as he rubbed his hands together.
"I know that I have wronged you in so many unthinkable ways. I hid the truth from you, I lied to you because I was afraid that I would loose you. I wasn't sure you would love me for who I was, let alone hear me out"
"You should have tried to, Luke. I was ready to listen to you. I didn't have a problem with your past when you told me half of it. Or should I say the half truth? I opened up to you, but you didn't even try to let me into your world..." I explained walking over to sit beside him.
So much for been so hard, Gabby.
"That was the problem, Gabby. My world was hell. It wasn't pleasant enough for you to be in. I was so afraid of loosing you to a truth when at the end, I lost you to all my lies and selfishness. I'm so sorry, baby" he pleaded.

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