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Sunday, 28 October 2018


The sound of baby coming from him was enough to set me free with tears. I broke down as I spoke.
"Your lies didn't only hurt me, they got me into trouble that caused Quinn her life. Luke...I trusted you so much. Way too much than I ever trusted any guy. I lost myself to you. Even after I left, you didn't come get me. You didn't even care. Instead, you back got with Anne! Anne, Luke! After all she has done to us, how could you?" I questioned quietly as my tears buried up my voice.
He wrapped his arms around me and strangely it felt like...home.
"No, babe. I swear to you it's not like that. I love you too much to let you go so easily. I can't forget you. I can't live without you, Gabby. I only got back to Anne so she would leave you be. I was her distraction. I came looking for you. I visited your parents but...they refused to tell me where you were.." He trembled as the words left his mouth.
My heart melted as he explained himself to me. All these years, I thought wrongly of him. I blamed him for everything when...truly, he was innocent.
"I'm so sorry, Luke. I should have given you a chance to explain maybe...things wouldn't have been this way" I sobbed into his arms.
He held my chin as his blue eyes scanned mine like he was searching for the reason why we couldn't move on.
Martin, that's why.
"Come with me to England. We can start a new life there. New memories. I promise you, you'll never have to worry about a thing" he said as his eyes lit up.
"Say yes, Gabby. Please say yes to me" his eyes so pure with complete sincerity.
I didn't know which to choose. Everything in me wanted him. A future with him, kids. But I wasn't his anymore. I was engaged!
My eyes teared up as I explained to him, the painful truth "I want to, I truly do. But, my wedding with Martin is in two weeks and..."
"Don't you love me Gabby?" He questioned my reply.
"Are you even asking that? Of course I love you more than you can ever imagine. But Martin...I'm confused Luke. I can't do this to him, I'm sorry" I stood to leave but he held me back by my hands.
"Gabby I'm leaving for England today. When you walk out that door, I'm not sure you'll be seeing any more of Luke Levington. He's never coming back"
His words stabbed me like a knife in my heart.
Did he mean I was never going to see him if I got married to Martin?
How the hell am I supposed to make such a rash decision?
"I..I am so sorry, but I think it's time to say good bye. I know it'll break your heart. I love you..take care of yourself..I'm honestly sorry" I ran on.
My whole day felt blue as I walked away from the only guy I ever loved.
I knew clearly, that I was making the wrong decision but...right now I didn't know what in hell's name to do.
I quickly dried the tears from my eyes so Martin wouldn't know I had been breaking bad in there.
Was I born never to fall in love?
If so, why me?
Why was it that any relationship I truly wanted never worked?
"Martin.." I called as I got into the car.
"I don't have to say it" he responded with a smile.
"What? What're you talking about?" I sniffed.
"I know about Luke. You love him, he loves you. You don't have to try to explain things to me other ways. I understand, my love." he exhaled.

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