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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


"Oh Martin..stop" I muttered covering my eyes with a hand.
"It's fine Gabby. If you noticed, I've been trying to advice you to make the right choice and I know whatever you pick, it's for your good. But I just want you to know that I love you Gabrielle, I want the best for you. Your happiness gives me joy and I'm satisfied with that" he ran his fingers across my cheeks.
I just couldn't believe this. It seemed unbelievable.
"I don't know what to say Martin."
"You don't have to. No one's saying you have to say something. Just go and set things right with Luke. That's all I want you to do right now" he leaned forward and gave me a Peck on my cheek.
"W..what about the wedding? What are we going to tell people?" I asked curiously.
He gave a half smile "You don't have to worry about that, love. I'll have it taken care of "
"Thank you so much, I'll never forget you Martin" I said as I tried to pull off the ring.
"Keep it. As a symbol of our friendship".
I watched as Martin drove off leaving me to make the right choice for my life.
Perhaps I was wrong about everything in my life. My soulmate, my family.
My life as a whole.
I was running down to Luke's ward like a complete maniac. When I got there, sadly he was gone. All that was left behind was the flowers I sent.
" Oh hi ma'am, you must be looking for Mr. Levington. He just left, I'm sorry you misse..." A nurse informed me but I was in a hurry to wait for her to finish her sentence.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the bus station, bumping into people and getting cursed at. None of that mattered to me. I had no idea what time his plane was leaving wisteria lane but I prayed to God it was not now.
The drive to the airport took much longer than I thought, I had lost hope of seeing Luke ever again.
I couldn't even think of how I would go back home.
Home to where though? Martin? No... Hell, no.
"Excuse me but has the flight to England departed?" I asked a flight attendant.
"Yes ma'am, I'm so sorry but you gotta...." She kept blabbing on but I found it hard to hear her.
I just lost him.
The images that stood before me started to loose it's form as I walked away.
I didn't even realise when I bumped into a stranger.
"I'm sorry...I wasn't.." I apologized. danger..
"Oh my God! Luke!!" I jolted in joy as I threw my arms around him.
"Gabby, what're you doing here?" He asked shocked.
"What am I doing here? Silly, what are you doing here? I thought you were already on your way to England"
"I missed the plane. The driver ran out of fuel" he explained as he sat on a chair.
Thank goodness.
"What exactly are you doing here, seriously? Here with Martin?" He gestured turning around to see if I came alone.
"No. I didn't.. Listen, I'm here for you" I began and I felt all the butterflies in my tummy spring free.
"Luke...I..can't live without you. I tried it and yeah I got engaged hasn't been the same without you. I wanna make things rig.." He pulled me forcefully into himself for a kiss. As our tongues found their way together, it was like a fire that quenched in me for years was just ignited.
Our bodies bonded like they were made perfectly for each other. Indeed we were.
"You talk way too much" he toyed with my short hair.
"I had so much to say. But I've missed you" I rejoiced digging myself into his arms.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for you" he chuckled.
"Why the hell did you cut your hair?" He joked.
"I was mourning" I chuckled, wrapping my arms around his waist as we headed to his house.
Our home.
I never thought I would be here with Luke. Happy, for once... Finally at peace.
After all these years, after everything we've been through..we still made it here, together.
It's true when they say in struggles, we cry but when the result comes positive..we think of the struggles no more.
"I stand here today to apologize to you as my sister, my friend..the only one who encouraged me until Luke came. I will never forget how much you loved me, took me in and cared for my like your blood. Take care of yourself baby cakes. I love you" I said placing Daisey flowers on Quinn's gravestone.
Luke kissed my forehead as he dropped his flowers " take care of yourself up there Blondie. We love you".
We blew farewell kisses to Quinn as we walked away from the graveyard, hands intertwined and birds chirping their hearts away melodiously.
†Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead
Oh my baby, lately I know
That every night I'll kiss you you'll say in my ear
Oh we're in love aren't we?
Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby
I feel safe when you're holding me near
Love the way that you conquer your fear
You know hearts don't break around here
Oh yeah yeah yeah , yeah yeah yea†

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