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Monday, 22 October 2018


Why was I beginning to feel pity for him? I made up my mind never to give him that soft spot anymore but was it becoming just a 'word?'
All I remembered was his face as I threatened to send his ass to jail if he ever came close to me. He looked scared for some reason I found hard to understand. His countenance seemed to change immediately I mentioned the word.
Then, I couldn't recognise the man I fell in love with. I thought I knew him but I guess it was only a thought.
I cried my eyes the moment I realized he never came looking for me. Not even to leave a message with my parents before Martin sent them to Canada for a better start. It broke me when I found out he and Anne were back together again.
Did he even love me?
After all she did.
To me, to Quinn and to us. He still had the balls to take her into his arms to love and cherish.
Loved me so much, I see how.
. ..but not enough to fight for.
The night of Quinn's death felt like yesterday. When one minute she was alive and hearty.. Then, the next she became a ghost of the past.
Even breaking the news to Martin was a hard start as she was his college sweetheart.
We never knew our bad lucks in love was only a way that bonded us.
Piece by piece, he collected me. He picked me up from the ground where Luke had abandoned me. Piece by piece like a puzzle, he filled the holes that was dug in me for six years.
He talked me out of the depression I felt for years after Quinn's death. He never for a day left me unanswered.
I was open to him, as he was to me.
It wasn't long till I became his and on my 26th birthday, he proposed to me. I was overwhelmed beyond control.
It was like a fairytale.. or should I say, a dream come true?
One would say I had a good thing going on with him. Did I say one? Hell, everyone said that.
And just as I finally felt my life flipping to a new page, Luke shows up and this shit of déjà vu happens.
"Rizo.." I called one of the men.
"Yes ma'am?" He answered sharply.
"Take me home, please?"
"Of course, ma'am" he said leading me out the hospital.
I left my number with the hospital stating that I was his friend and they should call when he's fine to receive visitors.
I can't be the girl to stay by his side till he gains consciousness..not now. I have a wedding coming up in three weeks and would not want to feel like I'm making a mistake.
Or am I?
Immediately I opened the door knob to the front door, Martin pulled me into his arms. Burying me with his huge figure.
"Figured you needed a big hug, how's he?" He asked taking me in.
"I couldn't wait for the doctors to come" I answered realising how stupid that came out.
"It was getting late"
"What actually happened out there in the balcony?" He questioned sounding worried.
Let me sum it up for you honey, 'déjà vu'.
"Luke's crazy girlfriend who I told you about, tried to shoot me...he jumped in the way, got shot. She tried again but got shot by Dante instead" I told him like it was nothing when deep down I felt like a puppy in the rain.
"He jumped in the way, for you?" He asked as though he didn't hear the first time. His expression, dull.
"Yes..he did" I answered trying to be strong as I undressed.
"He risked his life for you, my princess. Don't you see he's sorry?" He spoke calmly.
"I don't Martin" I broke down in the tears I had been holding since I saw Luke got shot in the head.
"I don't see how wanting to die for someone just because you wanna make a point means you're sorry. That makes me feel more guilty. Helpless that it's my fault Anne keeps shooting everyone away into eternity! Who knows? Maybe she might come to you. I can't take this anymore, Martin. I can't keep seeing people die!" I wept bitterly remembering exactly how Quinn died in my arms.
"Don't do that to yourself, my love. It's not your fault. Nothing that's happening now is. Luke will be fine. You just need to let him know you've forgiven him and moved on. Anne Buxton? Baby you can forget about her because she'll never bother you. Trust me" he assured, wiping the tears that fell off my eyes.
"How're you so sure?" I scoffed as I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear.
"This, I know because the cops confirmed her dead" he sighed pressing his lips on my earlobe.
"So please, worry no more." He said, rubbing his hand on my thighs.
Anne was dead.
No, seriously..the ceramic bitch was finally dead?
"You'll be fine, baby. I know you will" he promised.
"Yes il mio cuore?" He answered.
"Thank you"
"For what?"
"Helping me get back to...humanity" I chuckled as we shared a passionate kiss before spending the blissful night in wild pleasures.
Hearing about Anne's death gave me the feeling that the best was yet to come.
I had Martin by my side, Anne gone, Luke...
Luke is okay but why then, did I feel like something vital was missing?

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