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Sunday, 28 October 2018


Days went by as weeks stretched into months, it had finally dawned on Jalila that no one was coming to their rescue, not the Nigerian army and not even Tanko. Jalila try very hard to comfort herself with the good memories of a life she once had, a life filled with joy, happiness and love yet all of it fades away when ever she thinks of what had become of Tanko. Jalila try to dismiss the gloomy feeling that comes afterwards. She always suppress her thoughts of Tanko's corpse laying waste in the streets of Bama decomposing to nothing but bones. She prayed for her father every time she have the chance to, but her two brothers... — Jalila always let that thought trail off, avoiding herself from thinking of the worst, she engage Positive vibes only.
Jalila turned to a wall where zuwaira had scribbled some marks on, she had no idea what it was zuwaira was doing or what it meant but nonetheless she took it upon herself to continued from where Zuwaira had stopped, it gave her a sense of connection to zuwaira's presence as though she was there.
More unlucky ladies such as Jalila were brought to the camp after being abducted. The brave ones accepted their faith and saved themselves the stress while on the other hand the not so brave ones as Jalila cried their eyes out.
Jalila tried her best to put them through on how not to get themselves lashed or have their arms chopped off. The wise ones took heed to her advice and the not so lucky ones, well let's just say it didn't go too well for them.
Over the past few months jalila's bond with Bintu had grown stronger, she was her new best friend in the camp. Most of jalila's old fears have been dispelled, she had became accostumed to the do's and don'ts of the camp which eventually kept her safe half dozen of the time.
Over time one might think jalila's ' stalker ' had relented from watching her carry out my daily assignments right?
He was always there in the same exact spot every morning watching over her like a guardian angel except for days they went on their so-called jihad . Something she once thought was creepy became soothing, although all through this time till date he never spoke a word somehow his presence made her felt safe to a certain degree.
Just when Jalila thought she had seen it all, all the brutality her captors could bring to deck, they dropped the bomb!
Jalila was seated alone under the shade of a lone palm tree watching the sun sink beneath the horizon turning the sky into a colorful orange hoping it takes away the heat along with it when she heard chatters. Everyone was being assembled, her heart froze! If you had spent as much time as she did in this hellhole of a camp you would know for certain that nothing good comes from such assemblies. Her first thought was 'who's getting beheaded or his arm chopped off'. A lot of thoughts ran through her head but there was only one way she could find out — get to the assembly.
As usual and of course expected all the captives were surrounded by armed men with a lot more new faces whom jalila had never seen before. A familiar face stood above all undisputed and unchallenged emitting the aura power, a face very synonymous to terror, death and everything in between.
Clearing his throat, immediately the entire place fell to death silence, the kind of silence you would expect from a graveyard past midnight.
" As'sallamualaikum " Abu-Qaqa greeted, his deep baritone voice echoing through ears. Before you could blink an eye the entire crowd responded unanimously with "Wa-alaikum salam".
Abu-Qaqa scanned the faces staring at him before removing his siwak and began to say... "The past few weeks had been good to us all and it's nothing other than God, he'd helped us crush a lot of infidels, we are gaining more grounds by his grace and we shall continue in our quest to make sure that our beloved land is clensed of impurities of man."

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