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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


He paused for a moment chewing on his siwak then he continued
"we will not relent, we will not hold back, we shall fight to the last man! If they think we will cower and fall to their feet then they are terribly mistaking".
A few minutes went by filled with praises of how good and cooperative the captives had been with hints boosting of power here and there and promises of a good and just caliphate when they conquer their quest and crush all infidels and some more blah blah blah that echoed as he spoke all which seem to bore jalila.
Jalila's pounding heart was beginning to slow its pace but his next sentence shook her entire core.
"....and as such I shall entrust your safety to these humble men. You'll become their wives, you will serve them as stipulated by God, you will bore children for them and you will ensure the future of our beloved caliphate."
Jalila's mouth fell agape, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets in surprise, she had never expected such. Whirling around she meet eyes that shared in her disbelief. The once silent arena which only echoed of a voice rich in power and command was disrupted, low whispers could be heard but not audible enough to make out their hidden message.
"...So" his voice cut through the whispers in a
Your-opinions-are-not-needed fashion like a hot knife through butter and once again everywhere was back to graveyard silence.
" you shall abide by them because you all are obliged to comply and accept any man who asks you to be his wife... " jalila snapped, she felt the fear in her transform to anger... No not anger, rage! That's the word. She felt the rage in her swell, the need to speak out against him but she hesitated knowing fully well what had happened to the first person who dared to speak against this brutally vicious man. After being abducted against their wishes and forced into slavery now they are expected to just ' oblige' to a marriage they would never consent to? That was absolutely ridiculous!
What makes him think he can just decide our faith and makes decisions on our behalf without asking us first, who does he think he is, the law?
"of course he's the law around here" a tiny voice inside jalila's head reaffirmed.
Jalila's thoughts died in her head as soon as her mind registered his next statement. "...and if anyone here amongst you choose to disobey, she will be dealt with decisively and accordingly. I leave you in peace, ma'assalam"
Jalila watched in horror as another decision of her life has been made without her approval. A sudden need to go grab the man by his jugular rose in jalila but her limbs weren't in the mood to comply maybe because deep within her she feared the repercussion of her actions.
The sun had set long ago, with the absence of the moon, all that covers the horizon is a blanket of darkness, the entire makeshift camp was quite, all that was audible is the whistle of the wind and rustling of leaves that danced to its tune. In the awful darkest sat Ameera, full of despair and regrets. If only her mother had listened, if only she hadn't forced her to take that journey she would have been on her cozy bed by now and not laying on the bare icy cold floor of only God knows where.
Being this far away from home had taken its toll on Ameera. She wasn't looking anything close to the chubby spoilt rich kid she once was, rather she was looking absolutely pale, her fair glowing skin had dimmed under the scorching hot sun and the violent rays it emits. Her chubby body had shrink to half its size not only from lack of food but also as a result of the psychological trauma she is facing.

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