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Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Five woman were called aside, the reason was evidently glaring because they all had one thing in common, they all wore a hijab! "foolish Ameera!! I told you to wear a hijab but you refused! Shey you wanted to slay abi? Tor today you shall be slayed!" my subconscious lectured, without being told I knew I was damned. We watched as other ladies screamed and clawed as the whip strike against their backs. I couldn't watch so I nodded my head between my thighs, already sobbing, imagining how harrowing each stroke will be.
Soon I was next in line, I began to cringe in fear and was further confused when the man shouted at me "come forward" he ordered and I obeyed in a haste. I was held by the hefty men beside him, their large palms circled my wrists and ankles with a firm grip suspending me high above the ground, my whole body shook terribly even before the first stroke had landed.
Hearing him say 'bismillah' I knew he was about to start, I clenched my eyelids and fists in anticipation, as the first stroke hit me, severe pain jolted across my body, it felt like I was just struck by a lightning bolt! I let out an agonising scream and began to quiver, trying to wrestle my way out and run... Run as far away from this angle of death as possible but it was too strong a grip, then the second stroke landed which was even more excruciating, electrifying my body to a point of mild paralysis, and then the third and the fourth, then I lost count. My mind hibernated shutting down my body too, I became too weak to resist, not as much as raise a finger I could only wince as the strokes kept on coming. By the time he was done they threw me to the side, my body was on fire, never in my life have I felt so much intense pain, I doubt if being grilled alive could be this much painful.
I laid on the ground unable to do anything but weep, it was a silent cry because I was took weak to produce a sound. I laid there hearing other women scream and crying as the life slowly crept out of me.
A faint knock on the door woke me, my eyes kerfuffle looking in the direction of the clock, it was 8:am!! Who on earth is trying to disturb my sleep its Saturday for crying out loud!! 'come in' I said burying my face in the pillow.
"Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear princess!!
Happy birthday to yoooou!!!"
I thrust the pillow one side quickly raising my head to see who it was, umma and Abba stood there with cone hats on their heads and a cake with 'happy birthday princess' clearly written on it. It was indeed my birthday!!! Awwn... They remembered my it when I myself did not, such amazing parents I have. Umma and Abba sat beside me, with me at the center. Make a wish before you blow the candles dear. I look at them both before saying "I wish we remain a family for ever" they pulled me into a group hug, planting kisses on both my cheeks. "for that you get to buy anything you want my princess" dad said handing my his debit card, OMG! OMG!! I exclaimed, palming my mouth out of surprise. "That was too much abban-ameera you want to spoil her?" uhmm... Who else does that if not my mom! "it's her day! Let her have fun... C'mon princess, up you go... Go get yourself ready we're going shopping" Abba replied smirking.
I dressed in a black flowing gown and a blue scarf with minimal makeup, I wasn't in the mood for a slay queen appearance... Okay scratch that I'm going out with dad so what do you expect.
I watched the city's high rises zoom by fast, the well trimmed flowers by the edges beautified the road, the city of Abuja looks glamorous as always. We arrived the famous ceddi plaza in style, pulling up in the iconic Mercedes Benz S550 (my father's favorite), my dad got the door for me saying "your highness" which made me felt shy, I was grinning all the way, throwing that 'am the birthday girl smile' to who ever cared to see.
We went from shop to shop, buying perfumes, dresses, shoes, handbags, wristwatches, you name it, I bought them all. It was a lot of fun, abba went as far as saying he is my PA so he'd hold the shopping bags for me like the true African mother umma Was she said I'd have to hold whatever I bought myself! "Alhaji you're spoiling ameera too much, she should learn financial discipline from now" umma said, but abba was fast enough to counter her "it's her birthday! Our only child's birthday!!". Oh how I love my dad.
A bang on the door woke me, five scary looking individuals armed with automatic weapons walked in, their guns were nothing like I had seen before. "Asslamaikum" (peace be upon you), a calm voice said from the outside. A man of early forties walked in, he had a dark face with bushy beard, he was wearing a military camouflage jacket on top a long white arabian robe, a simple turban went round his head allowing the end to fall to his back freely, he held a communication radio in his right hand, a chewing stick in his left and an AK49 rifle strapped to his back.
"only three here I see... Well marhaban" he said, pausing to smile at us before he continued "you're prisoners of war... Prisoners of Allah !!" laying much emphasis on ' Allah'. "you're now our slaves... and you are to do as we ask of you, insubordination shall be met with high punishment. A word is enough for the wise" he ended his speech and walked out.
Assalamalaikum- peace be upon you. An Islamic way of greeting.
Marhaban- welcome.
This is by far the longest chapter I have written for this book (2657 words with the exception of A/N)
Are you liking the story so far?
Where do you think the story is going?
Who is your best character?
A spoilt brat in captivity, how is it going to end for our Ameera?
Who addressed Jalila and Co?
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