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Thursday, 4 October 2018


A few hard kicks to the mid section was more than enough energy to revamp my unconscious mind, fluttering my eyes open, waves of pain washed down my body concurrently, every inch of it felt like it was on fire. I clutched my tummy tightly to stifle the swirling pain, my bullet grazed shoulder twitched, and my whipped back screamed the loudest.
'sit upright you bloody infidel' a voice came from behind, bothering not to see who it was and not wanting anymore pain, I quickly sprang to my burning butt from my horizontal position but almost immediately regretted obeying that order as the pain in my body tripled!
Sobs and wailing of the elderly necessitated me to break free from self pity and turn around. Although my vision was blurry from tears, my next sight nauseated me, I felt the sudden urge to empty all my stomach contents... that's if there's something in there, elderly people numbering fourteen were all made to lay flat on the ground with their faces to the burning tar, arms and legs bound behind their backs, boulders placed on their backs probably to stop them from running, but was that necessary... (I mean the sight of an AK47 alone will stop you from running... -well unless of course you're going to die anyways). I thought of myself being in their shoes, I probably would have been screaming and begging for my dear life, but there they laid helplessly but quietly, maybe they knew pleading would only be a waste of time.
My mouth experienced a sudden, inexplicable lack of saliva, my once pain ladened body stiffened, for those brief seconds all the pain in me had vanished because in such a position, one can tell of what becomes their fate.
Two incredibly tall men whose faces were covered by a Tuareg styled turban alighted from a Toyota hilux, so tall that they had to bend over to alight the vehicle. My eyes widened, hitching my breath under my throat when an arm length shiny metal came into view, it appeared to be longer than a normal knife and not as long as a sword... More like a mini sword.... 'Haaah! OMG No!!! I hope they aren't about to do what I think they're about to do, are they?' but who was I asking, wait did I just say that aloud? I thanked my stars no one heard me.
The two men walked majestically towards the soon to be corpses muttering incantations as they inched closer. A voice I couldn't make out who's, instructed that we all watch and those who disobey shall equally meet the same faith! Not even in the movies have I seen people this obdurate!
The first victim and soon to be corpse was a few feet away, he was an elderly man about the age of sixty. The Tuareg looking man came forward, placing a knee on the old man's shoulder, he grabbed him by the hair and settled the mini sword on his throat, he paused, saying 'let it be known! let the heavens bare me witness! I have carried out that which is due upon Me' before immediately forcing the very sharp knife into the old man's throat, instantly skin and muscle tissues split, giving way for warm red liquid to forcefully eject as he went on butchering, blood droplets sprinkled on me which made me cringe, I hugged myself tighter squinting my eyes trying not to shut them, as I watched the old man gasp defeatedly for air from his slit throat, his body wiggling in all directions and his feet kicking hard against the paved road as his soul slowly parted from his body, but this butcher went on slaughtering the now lifeless body until the corpse was beheaded, screaming a loud 'Allahu Akbar' when the head came off.
My once almost empty tear ducts were not fully restocked as silent tears roll down my cheeks, my body still visibly shaking as I watch the second man being butchered. By the third victim my nerves had gone cold and I couldn't watch anymore! I shut my eyes to blind me from this gruesome horror. What's the worst that can happen if I'm caught? I asked myself if at all these men aren't aliens from another planet in human skins, but hey even aliens cannot be this.... A hard object crashed into my spine with the speed of sound cutting off my thoughts, the pain of the previous lashes strengthened by this object revived every pain I've ever felt, instantly shutting off all my brain's activity, rendering me unconscious... Again!

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