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Saturday, 6 October 2018


The high pitch of rod striking a gong accompanied by a husky voice saying 'its time to wake up, you infidels' filled my ears forcing me out of my slumber, it was still cold and dark, although I couldn't tell the exact time, I knew it was still dawn. I woke up to blinding rays of light that Illuminated the dark room, I blinked, shielding my eyes from the glowing light with my palms, I made out the sleepy faces of Zuwaira and Bintu's which were now visible but we couldn't make out the face of the man behind the light.
'March out now' he yelled in a commanding tone,
I felt the urge to defy him, to challenge his authority, to ask why we were being taunted this early in the morning. Zuwaira and Bintu hurriedly sprang to their feet walking in the direction of the entrance, the actions of my co-captives was demoralizing, I had no option than to sheepishly follow suit.
We walked pass a narrow hallway, finally!finally the starless cloudy sky came into view for the first time in five days, for the first time in five days I was out of my confinement into an open space, it was then I realized how much I've missed the open ground and it's fresh air.
The cool hazy wind gently brushing against my face brought memories of bama's village square, oh I miss it, how I miss gaďa, is this the way my life is going to continue? I quietly asked myself rhetorically but the thought of freedom also replaced my previous thoughts just as quick. It is an open ground I can slip away unnoticed , a glimpse of a fully armed insurgent from the corner of my eyes automatically countered my thoughts.
I snapped from my reverie apprehensively, focusing on the voice addressing the swelling number of girls, I looked around noticing the amount of ladies surging in, cramping the small open ground, I gasped, my mouth agape in surprise! I had no idea we were this much!
Most of the ladies were visibly shivering, I wasn't sure if it was from cold as the morning dew sip through our filthy excuse of clothes or from fear of these cannibals who call themselves men.
'from now henceforth you girls are to continue the chores of this camp, a few selected girls will be in charge of food....'
Chauvinistic bastard! Where is the courtesy and decency to address us as the ladies we are!
'.....and for those of you who are thinking of using this medium as part of your escape plan, please indulge me and I promise you the consequences will be fatal!....'
I cowered in fear from his last statement, hoping my thoughts weren't audible to his ears.
'by tomorrow....' he continued 'hijabs will be given to you, you are expected to wear them all the time henceforth....' his speech was cut short by a lady I think is most likely deranged, Who unfortunately, was standing an arm length close to me.
'we're not afraid of you! We shall not bow to you, you're no Muslims, you don't represent Allah! We shall not....' a powerful punch landed on her left cheek, choking her on her words, I felt so unlucky standing next her.
Jalila what in God's name did you just get yourself into.
A cold power-induced laughter escaped his cords,
hahahaha.... Hahahaha.... Hahahaha.... He laughed, a kind of laughter that says ' you shouldn't have done that'. Dead silence ensued, enveloping the camp until all that one could hear was the chirping of crickets and his soulless laugh.

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