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Monday, 8 October 2018


Few more seconds of laughter went by before he abruptly stopped, his smirking face was replaced by a face void of emotions so much so that all one could read off his blank face was anger, ruthlessness and arrogance. 'Bring her forward' he commanded. The foot soldier who knocked her out tucked his gun away behind his back, grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her body roughly against the grassy field in the most inhumane way I've ever witnessed all the way to the soulless commander.
The commander or who ever he was, glared down at her body in uttermost disgust and hate, his eyes more icy cold than an arctic blizzard. A bucket of water accompanied with hard kicks revived her, the commander concomitantly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her upright, staring at the crowd gathered before him, 'I admire you courage girl, you'd have been very useful if only you were a man' he said sardonically 'but it should be known, no son of man dare challenge my authority... No one!' the commander stretched his free right arm and a pistol was placed on it. Pointing the gun to her head, he stated further 'this should serve as an example to those who can learn' before squeezing the trigger, blowing her brains out.
Sobs and cries erupted at the sound of the gun shot. I stood there baffled by how heartless these people were, not realizing the salty droplets cascading down my cheeks until it found its way to my mouth.
'lesson is over you may now go on with your duties' the commander said walking into the arms of the dark trees surrounding the small open ground. We were classified in groups, those who were to clean and those who were to cook, the cleaners were further classified into sections, with each section being given it's portion of where to clean. Brooms and other cleaning tools were presented to us notifying our duties have commenced. Bintu and I belonged to a cleaning group while zuwaira was posted to the kitchen. My section was bestowed the responsibility of cleaning the insurgents quarters, a responsibility I rueful. We commenced work immediately, sweeping and raking the insurgents living quarters, I couldn't help but an intermittent stare from one of them, I went on sweeping to the best of my abilities hoping and praying I haven't done anything wrong. I hope this ends well for me.
After the division of labour, I was happy my cell mate was among those selected for the kitchen, at least it'd improve our starving condition hopefully... But I was WRONG!! Very wrong, our situation only deteriorated. Four guards were stationed at the kitchen, the ladies who did the cooking were not allowed to as much as taste the food. We were staved, we were fed a loaf of bread only in a day sometimes we didn't have the luxury of water, even after going through the day's chores, the best we had was to be locked up in our cells. You ask why we don't request for food? Well... We all wanted to protest but no one dared! Else the person will be beaten to pulp, a lady tried to ask, it didn't end well for her, so we all learnt to seal our lips.
It's been two weeks since last an incident happened, by incident I mean since last one of us was killed... No that isn't the word... Murdered! yes, it's been two weeks since one of us was murdered.
The day started off like any other day, despite the raging hungry that burnt my intestines, I still managed to go carry out my so-called duties, while I was sweeping the veranda of the insurgents quarters, a man stood there watching every bit of my movement, i recognized him, his face, he is the same man whom had stared at me on two previous occasions while I was sweeping. He never says a word or even make a move, I had no idea what his intentions were nonetheless his presence scares me. I tried to remain calm and suppress my fears when I heard a girl screaming and wailing, pleading for mercy.
My jaw dropped in surprise, it was Zuwaira! She was being tossed around, beaten and kicked in all directions. I felt the need to shout at them to stop, I wanted to save the only friend I had left, I wanted to punish them for hurting her.... But I couldn't!! I couldn't even save my own self! All the girls were once again summoned to the small open ground, Zuwaira was dragged like a dog rebuking it's owner of a walk to the ground.
A lanky man stood before us, hate and anger etched in his dark face that was as dark as night, 'you have all been warned earlier!' he said with a husky tone, his voice alone was enough to send shivers down one's spine, 'this girl you see before you' he said kicking Zuwaira in the ribs who was lying before him, her face swollen from severe beating, 'she not only disobeyed our orders, but she stole from us!' I gasped my mouth agape, highly surprised! As I look around the same expression was on everyone's face, 'stealing will not be tolerated! you all know the punishment of stealing and if you don't, today I will demonstrate to you the repercussions of stealing, bring her! ' he ordered,
There you have it folks, another chapter filled with errors I presume but if you get the story then fine (I'm too lazy to crosscheck )
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