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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


Have no pity nor mercy on the infidels and your Lord shall offer you sanctuary.
Abubakar shekau
The two men grabbed Zuwaira by the arms, she tried protesting but she stood no chance against their enormous strength. Zuwaira was dragged to a concrete slab where she was forced to lay beside it on her stomach, her ankles were bound together with a rope then tied along with her right hand in such a way that both her limbs rested on her back, however her free left hand was stretched out on the concrete slab and held tightly be a huge man. I couldn't hold back my tears.
what could she have stolen to deserve this harsh treatment, can they at least have some pity... She is human!
But I dare not voice out my thoughts. My hate for those insurgents only grew thicker hoping God would give me some superman powers... Okay even if not all at least the laser eyes, so I can cut these people in half and use there disgusting bodies for barbecue and dish it to the dogs.
"This infidel here stole two pieces of meat, and you know that for every action comes a reaction, so today I shall demonstrate to you the reaction of her actions" he quickly unsheathed a glittering sabre resting by his hip. Raising the sabre up to the heavens, zuwaira's plea for mercy fell on deaf ears, he muttered something inaudibly before stepping closer to zuwaira. All I could do at that moment was stare, stare helplessly at the wailing zuwaira, my heart beat paced up, trembling was now becoming a norm for me. "Do not steal" were his last words before swiftly striking zuwaira's wrist with the sabre at the speed of a lighting bolt. Within the blink of an eye zuwaira's wrist was severed from her arm, the entire concrete slab painted in crimson red liquid. She let out an agonising squeal.
My eyelids caved in letting flow the pool of salty water that had pooled their brim. Everything went too fast as if it was a movie, but even in the movies Ali Nuhu don't scream this loud and of course the liquid isn't this red!
Dear me!
Why! Why zuwaira, why us... What have we done to become pariahs... Who did we offend to fall at the mercy of these savages.
I wanted to pray, pray for a way out of this forsaken place, but... Does God really exist? If he did, he'd have answered all my previous prayers, he wouldn't allow zuwaira suffer for just two pieces of meat, he wouldn't have allowed them take us, he'd have....
Get a grip of yourself Jalila! How dare you question your Lord!? Have you forgotten all the blessings he'd put in your life!? Have you forgotten all the bliss you enjoyed!? Why haven't you for a second question why he was so kind to you but you dare question him all because you're faced with hardship!? You should be ashamed of yourself!
That inner voice in me was indeed correct I really am being ungrateful, this is only a test and I shall pass with flying colors even if it means my death.
There I stood staring as zuwaira rolled from side to side in agony screaming as she bleed, I was just as helpless as she was. All I could do was watch, watch my my new found best friend bleed to death.I glanced around, everyone was just there standing like mannequins, no one dared to help.
Go help her Jalila, she was there for you when you needed her... Go!
Don't you dare! You'd be signing your dea....
Without my consent my mind had shut off the cowardly thoughts of the latter, making my body betray me, before I knew it my legs were already straddling towards the helpless Zuwaira.
I grabbed the weak zuwaira shoving her to my body , she was heavier than I thought, still wincing, shaking her head and body to the rhythm of pain as she clutched her severed arm tightly. " Waiyoo Allah they've killed me!!, I am dead!, Waiyooo
mama I am dead!!" the only words Zuwaira kept repeating. I tried to be strong, to stifle my tears but her words broke me yet there was nothing I could do.

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