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Friday, 12 October 2018


She laid there on my hips, I watched her get weaker and weaker as she bled away while everyone stood there watching, watching as a human dies and no one did anything. Slowly her voice began to fade away and so was her vigorous shaking. I watched zuwaira slowly Exsanguinating, watching the pain in her eyes only assured me that we all were going to die in the hands of this heartless monsters of men.
Thirty minutes later, zuwaira was no longer moving, her voice was dead, I knew it was only a matter of time before she'd totally shut down. Lo and behold my predictions were right, zuwaira's breath was no longer steady or rhythmic, her skin paled and her pupils dilated, within seconds she was no longer breathing at all. I did all I could to resuscitate her but... She was gone right in my arms!
The atmosphere in University of Maiduguri was calm just like any other day. The ball of fury high up still exhales it's harsh breath of rays, windy winds sweeping through, taking up some dust particles along with it. Some lecture theatres were packed with students as lectures were ongoing, students and staff going about their normal activities. The cafetéria remains a beehive of activities day in day out. The whole university was up and running. The talk of the party later in the day was on everyone's lips as preparations went on for the big event.
Today Sunday 1st july 2011, marks exactly two weeks since the Nigerian military stepped up it's campaign against the dreaded sect of Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda' awati wal-Jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram insurgents in the north-eastern state of Borno.
Boko Haram as it is popularly known, is a radical extremist group that had terrorised the northern states of Nigeria. They specialize in mass abduction and gruesome murder to impose their radical believes on the populace, killing anyone who dares to challenge their will.
The Nigerian Armed Forces was kin on annihilating the sect thereby spreading military outpost across the affected regions of the north, one of those outposts is situated at Konduga, some kilometers away from the capital city of Borno .
Military Outpost, Konduga . 1800hrs.
Waves of dust flew across the atmosphere as tyres scrape the dry sahara sand underneath them, revs of different engines diffused the hearing realm and all you could see is a barrage of vehicles deep into the horizon, vibrating the ground upon which move, bringing death and destruction with them as they move towards the village of Konduga to dislodge a military instalment before proceeding to carry out the rest of their planned attack on the city of Maiduguri.
The military installation in Konduga is a small outpost comprising of thirty-five soldiers and five officers, sheltering in a deserted building which was once a primary school.
Every soldier was going about their normal duties, to the far right is a two-man guard station mounting a GPMG just above the newly dug trench, at the middle was the commanding officer along with five other men, plotting the patrol plan and to the far left was also another two-man guard station keeping an eye on the environment.
'Darkness is looming, the perfect time for a surprise attack' insurgent commander Abu-Qaqa said with a smirk, 'halt the convoy now' he added and instantly the long convoy came to a stop.
"we have the element of surprise my brothers, far more superior fire power and don't forget my friends Allah is with us, whosoever die here today in this battle should know he has attained the highest peck of purity, the best and most noble of death, which only comes to those who believe. We're the true believers! And we shall spread the word even to those who don't want to hear it... fight, my friends! Kill them my brothers!! They're infidels who are trying to bring the wrath of our maker upon us all, we shall not sit and fold our arms while there's an impending doom upon mankind due to their actions! I said Kill my friends, kill them all for Allah had commanded you to do so and Jannah shall be yours!! To Allah belongs victory!! Allahu Akbar!!" Abu-Qaqa was done giving his fellow insurgents a pep talk to boost their moral which they seem to have enjoyed, joining him in the chants of "Allahu Akbar" roaring up the sleeping desert. Abu-Qaqa revised his meticulously planned attack strategy once again with his fellow men, specifically assigning Bulama to lead an a ring attack. With that they proceeded to the outpost.
Just as Abu-Qaqa had said, they had the element of surprise because the soldiers knew not what was coming for them until it was too late. The insurgents had cordoned off the primary school. When they were close enough, the insurgents opened fire on the soldiers ambushing them from strategic locations.
The soldiers tried to resist, hold their grounds and possibly repel the attack but the insurgents attack plan was seemly perfect. With superiority in fire power, the soldiers were out numbered and out gunned, thereby making it frictionless for the insurgents to the upper hand. The gun duel was over before you could say Jack Robinson, bodies of soldiers littered everywhere, those that weren't dead from their gunshot wounds and very lucky received extra bullets to finish them off but the not so luck ones were decapitated and their ears added glamour to Kunniru's necklace.
Kunniru as he's called, had earned himself the name by plucking off his victims ears and adding it to his necklace of ears which hung proudly on his neck. Kunniru was greatly feared by his fellow insurgents, his mighty frame and cannibalistic behavior made him stand out. Although some might detest his behavior, none dared to speak.
Bulama roamed about ensuring his job had been accomplished to his commander's perfection. Bulama ordered the men to sweep the area and make sure there wasn't any loose ends, he knew perfectly well how his boss hates loose ends. Bulama himself went on scanning the area and arrived just in time when Kunniru was about to cut another soldier's ear off, Bulama's eyes widened when they came in contact with the dead soldier's face,
Bulama barked, diving speedily to push off Kunniru. He stood for some minutes staring at the soldier's corpse.
"give him a befitting burial" Bulama's tone was unheard of, cold but rich with emotion, he never was a soft one.
"But ya ameer he's...." Kunniru challenged but his voice quickly trailed off as he was promptly cut off by Bulama.
"Give him a befitting burial I said, else I'd gladly make you join him!!" fury burned in his eyes his tone laced with angry and no longer as icy.
He took one more glance at the body before walking away. His reaction was so strange it left his men glaring at each other with unspoken questions. When Bulama was finally alone, he dropped to his knees throwing his rifle to his left, Bulama dipped his palms into the sandy soil and started an internal sob. He'd been taken far away by his emotions when a voice asked "are you alright ya ameer?" quickly he sprang to his feet grabbing his rifle along only then did he realize his eyelids were moist. 'I'm fine' he answered, "proceed to inform the commander that my work here is done" he added. Only then did Bulama noticed his eyes were moist, quickly wiping them off.
"Good job Bulama, I always knew you'd make a fine commander" Abu-Qaqa said with a big smile, patting Bulama's back. "Now gather as much ammunition and supplies as you can let's move out "
At maiduguri, the insurgents convoy of two hundred fifty cars and trucks split, with seventy going for the University of Maiduguri and the remaining one hundred and eighty cars ventured for Maimalari barracks for a surprise party of their own.
Sorry to keep you all waiting but here is another chapter.
How do you think Jalila and Bintu will coexist now?
What could have possibly made Bulama had such a reaction?
Why was such a large force needed by the insurgents?
How is the party going to be?
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Ya ameer :- our leader
Waiyo Allah :- oh God
Kunniru :- a name derived by the Hausa word of
kunne, meaning of ear.

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