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Sunday, 14 October 2018


University of Maiduguri
The highly anticipated big day had finally arrived. Elegantly dressed students troop out from every angle of the university. The red carpet event had already started at the auditorium, students dressed in tuxedos and prom gowns littered the surround, campus couples and singles all posing for memorable pictures of the event. The atmosphere was rich in speculations as to who-would-win-what award.
All attention shifted, heads turned and loud chants erupted as a small entourage of ladies alighted from two vehicles, all looking elegant but not as elegant as one in particular, Anita Darius.
Dressed gorgeously in an emerald-green long-sleeve lace ball gown that draped over her body, Anita Darius surely dropped jaws. The aura of beauty that surrounds her bellowed, commanding the attention of anyone who dares to look. Dressed all poshy, Anita was sure to make a grand entrance.
The highly decorated auditorium was filled to the brim, large public announcement systems were placed at every nook and cranny of the large hall, amplifying the MC's voice.
"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I would like to call on our esteemed personality of the day, the honorable president of the students union government (SUG) in person of comrade Shehu Gana to move this wonderful event to the next segment which of course is what we all have been waiting for, the awards!, can we all give him a round of applause please". Loud applause chorused in unison all across the hall with cheers of support as the SUG president made his way to the stage.
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it's been such a wonderful year for us all here at the University despite some encountered challenges. It is indeed a great honor that gives me the sense of joy and pride to stand before you today as the president of the students union government. Your cooperation as students of this great institution have enable my tenure to be smooth and effective, giving us the chance to achieve something much within such a short period of time...... " the president went on delivering his speech of thanks and so on.
"......without further a do, I would want want to proceed to the main motive I am on this stage, Uni maid are you ready!!?" loud chants of yeses erupted in succession.
"please permit me to present the award of most talented male to.... " the president took a moment glancing through the crowded hall before he continued ".... The award of most talented male
goes to Sulaiman Idris. A big round of applause for him please" cheers, claps and a couple of whistling chorused from his fan or rather his supporters as the awardee made his way up the stage.
More claps, whistling and chanting erupted every now and then as more awardees were called up stage to presented with their awards and with each the awards table grew thinner.
"This has been a wonderful evening for us all but I cannot end this without a high vote of thanks for our next awardees. They have invested huge amount of time and resources to see that this regime was successful. Please a round of applause for them." it wouldn't go unnoticed that for the first time the president himself took part as others clapped.
As the applause died down he continued "it would be an honour to humbly request the presence of my honorable comrade to join me on stage to present the upcoming awards, I'm talking about none other than our very own director of students social welfare, comrade Barnabas bala, AKA BB, AKA big balling." some laughs could be heard from the crowd and an applause ensued. Comrade Barnabas bala took his place on stage, it was time for the final awards to be handed out.
The regular mini speech before an award started and all ears and eyes were in full concentration. As the final awards were regarded prestigious.
"The award for beauty and brains goes to.... Anita Darius" Anita stood up making her way up stage admist claps and cheers, a few i-love-yous could be heard in the background. Anita collected her award, observed all formalities and protocols including a couple of photos and handshake with the president, finally turning away to get back to her seat. Half way Anita was stopped in her tracks by the speaker "our next award for most social
goes to.... Well I suggest you turn right back ma'am, because the name I see here still reads Anita Darius" with a majestic whirl and more energetic cheers Anita returned to the spotlight and was presented her award again.
A couple of more prestigious awards were presented making the award table appear more and more thinner with each award presented.
"To close this event I'd like to present the last award on the table. And now the most respected title and award of all goes to..." a drum roll played in the background succinctly, as the spotlights also danced to the tune. "..... the award for Miss Uni-Maid goes to.... " grave silence engulfed tlhe hall, the speaker was fond of creating suspense but this time he created the most, everyone was eager to know the winner of the most respected "title".
"ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for Miss Uni-Maid.... Anita Darius!! ". Gargantuan cheers erupted with majority of the crowd chanting Anita! Anita! Anita!
Anita stood up walking Loftily, her entourage insuit, flanking her from both sides as she made her way to the stage in a show of grandeur. The chants and cheers were continuous in unison, all shouting her name, but what less would you expect for a fly lady of her caliber.
After the award presentation, her supporters couldn't resist, most rushing to the stage to take photos. Phones of different makes stood high up capturing the moment to share on their various social media platforms. After the charade and social craziness subsided, it was time to end the event and move on to the next... The after party. The after party was anticipated even more than the award presentation itself
After party .
The hall was filled to its brim with strictly the top shots of uni-maid students. The glamour and grandeur at the party was at its peak. Everyone dressed to impress nonetheless, one could not look past a clique of ladies seated at the far left corner of the VIP section of the lounge, especially the lady in a black crop top with a blue high-waisted jeans and metallic black pump heels to match. Her presence alone poses a threat to other ladies, instantly creating the feeling of inferiority and insecurity in them. She was none other than the top notch... Anita Darius!
After some dancing, grooving and lots of shots from Red-label, Jack Daniels and other drinks, Anita and her crew were tipsy! It was time to head home.
"please Anita can you guys drop me off at the hostel?" Anita's friend Victoria requested
"but I thought you'd be with us for the night, at least to celebrate me!! Isn't that right ladies?" Anita retorted and all the ladies screeched in response or probably in agreement.
"OK then but can I at least get some fresh cloths to change from the hostel? I would want to freshen up and change when we get to your apartment Anita"
"Alright, alright babe, let's storm that shitty place... Woo-hoo!!"
With that they drove off to the campus, stereo system blasting music in full capacity with not the slightest clue what danger was lurking!
This is just more of a filler chapter so I don't keep the book dormant despite my tight schedule.
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