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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


University Of Maiduguri
Anita and her friends stormed the hostel, blasting music in full capacity not caring about the nuisance of noise pollution at an odd hour but the whole campus was alive and awake because most were returning from the after-party.
On arrival to the hostel the ladies jumped out of the car screaming 'yeeepeee' . and began marching to room thirty-four, Victoria's room. Anita stormed the door, flinging it open with a bang not caring the least for Victoria's roommates privacy, weather they were sleeping or not. They both whirled around in anger, their tongues harboring curse words ready to be harpooned to the unfortunate person.
"you are...." one for the ladies in the room started when the person at the door made headway into the room but almost choked on her words after Anita came into view in lame light. Quickly they both plastered fake smiles replacing their frowned faces and furrowed eyebrows. "hey Anita! Congratulations" said one of ladies who was standing next to the big wardrobe, reaching out to give Anita a light hug. "congratulations my dear, you're such an awesome lady. We were just about to have our own little party too, come join us please." the other lady spoke softly but you could tell it was all an act simply by looking deep into her eyes.
"Awwn thanks sweethearts, I did it for all those of you who couldn't" Anita replied sardonically, the ladies seemed visibly hurt from Anita's words but they dared not reply in the same manner. Without a care in the world Anita threw herself on one of the three beds in the room.
"Actually you came in just in time, please make yourself at home ladies" the first lady spoke again presenting two bottles of red wine to the ladies.
A pop sound resonated as they opened the wine. Anita connected her phone to the small sound system in the room playing ukwu by timaya. She began shaking and twerking his waist and hips to the rhythm makes the other ladies cheered her on.
It seems the ladies had forgotten what their main motive at was, as they drank and danced, shouting loudly and disturbing other students, but hey today was for celebrations right? After all they were the most popular crew in the whole campus!
Room thirty-four was going quiet, all the chanting, cheering, and shouting had faded leaving only the stereo to its job. The girls were all drunk and wasted, Anita in particular had had way too many drinks for one night. They had all passed out, laying any and everywhere.
The military had being tipped off from an unknown source about a possible insurgent convoy moving down west towards the capital city of maiduguri about to invade the university and abduct students. The GOC (general officer commanding) 21 armoured brigade and joint task force instructed that the university be fortified and all possible threat neutralized.
Troops of the 21 armoured brigade and joint task force mounted roadblocks at the entrance of the university, little did they know that a force heading for them needed no gate for an entry.
In a carefully coordinated attack at exactly 0200hr, 2:00am standard time, two armoured personal carriers and seven pickup trucks carrying insurgents mounted with special antiaircraft weapons, tacticals and GPMGs approached the main gate of university of Maiduguri.
Despite great gun power, the insurgents faced a stiff resistance from JTF (joint task force). A fierce gun duel ensued between the the Waring parties. Considering the small number of insurgents before them compared to received intelligence, the Nigerian army had already anticipated victory and were pushing forth to achieve it.
"I see the fools had fell for the bait" Abu-Qaqa mused, planting a smirk on his face, "now hit them, hit them hard. Let them know what the wrath of God is. Kill every single man, woman or child who stands in your way, kill them all" he spat in an angry firm tone and a belligerent commanding voice.

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