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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Within an aisle, two men launched RPGs into the barbwired fence splitting it open creating an entrance for themselves and their cars. They began shooting sporadically within a care of who's at the receiving end of the bullets. As the shooting got intense, the Nigerian army got to realize that they were ambushed and now fighting the battle on two opposite fronts, all hopes of a victory was now ablur as the army began retreating when it became evidently clear that it was now a battle to save their own lives.
As all this unfolds Anita and her friends were still sound asleep.
Scores of captured soldiers were beheaded, some students captured while others were either caught in the crossfire, dead or displaced.
The shots been fired were loud enough to wake a dead body much less the drunk Anita and her company. Anita woke up very disoriented, a sound mind wouldn't be at ease with such a situation not to mention an intoxicated one, a couple of jerks and slaps woke the rest of her friends. Their minds were all woozy from too much drinks trying to come to terms with reality, the reality that those were indeed gunshots and they were unmistakably in a battle field. It was too dramatic a scene to be true or rather chaotic and they still couldn't comprehend a thing.
The ladies had barely got a grip of themselves when a shot resonated only that this time it sounded as close as ever, so close that it was accompanied by a ' tud' sound, which was undoubtedly a body hitting the ground. Although Anita was without doubt still tipsy, her survival instincts kicked in, she wasted no time taking to her heels only to crash into a hard surface. With a blurry vision and in a drunken state Anita passed out.
Maimalari barracks 0200hrs
Soldiers were being mobilised to go and reinforce those at the University of Maiduguri when suddenly the insurgents made their presence at the barracks known by shooting and launching RPGs at the station guards on duty. With such a substantial force and high military grade ornaments, it didn't take long for the insurgents to dislogde the soldiers at the main gate and proceed with their onslaught in to the barracks.
Women and children scampered for safety as the shells piled up while their husbands either returned fire or ran for the armoury to get whatever gun or ammo was remaining.
As the duel persisted, army soldiers dropped like flies nonetheless they fought back fiercely from the little cover they could find but were eventually over run, the insurgents superiority in gun power was unparalleled. Gaining the upper hand, For two hours maimalari barracks was fully in the hands of the insurgents as they faced little to no resistance. Bodies of soldiers littered around. Wives of soldiers were being raped and male child flogged. The insurgents being commanded by Bulama carted away with large crates of ammo and rifles as they concluded a successful ambush. The maimalari barracks was a ghost of it's former self, all that hung above it's skies were chunks of dust and thick smoke while it soil was socked with the blood of fearless soldiers who fought to the death in honor of their beloved father land, they made the ultimate sacrifice!
The bed felt too hard and damp, not as lofty or cozy as it used to be but... Is this her bed at all? Fluttering her eyes open, Anita saw she was cheeks first to the ground.
That's weird... Anita thought, could I have been that drunk to pass out just anywhere?
She tried lifting her head up and immediately a wave of migraine stung her like a bee. Anita held her head with both palms squeezing, her eyes were shut once more, but everything just didn't feel right, she opened her eyes and with a blurry vision she waved her head left to right, taking in her surroundings.
This looks nothing like her room, not even anywhere, this place didn't look like 'anywhere'. Anita became confused, her heart pounding just as hard as her head or probably harder.
She knew she got pretty drunk last night but... But Could she have passed out just ' anywhere ' and got picked by the police? Could this be a police holding cell? No it wasn't likely she'd have heard some voice if otherwise.
Or... Could she have passed out while driving and got abducted? Now that was highly likely, she thought to herself. She took in her surroundings one more time just that this time her vision was very clear. The place surely looked like a kidnapper's den.
Anita swung to her feet but felt a bit woozy, she was having a hangover, her throat was as dry as the Sahara. She nodded her head vigorously hoping the migraine would go away... Hoping it was all a dream and she'd wake up. But as she shook her head more violently snippets of last night started flashing at the back of her mind in distorted clips.
Anita could recall only what could pass as disfragmented memories of last night's incident, she could remember the after party, oh and the mini celebration they had at Victoria's. She couldn't remember past that.
"No Anita! You have to remember, you have to remember!" she scolded herself still pressing firm her head with both palms. Just then another distorted memory clip of her running and suddenly hitting her head to a hard surface at point blank replayed in her mind. She was very sure it wasn't a dream, it is Infact a reality, a reality she can't fathom.
If she had been kidnapped then by who? For what purpose? She had never envisioned herself at the mercy of another much less like a chick in the claws of an eagle. With unsteady steps she ran for the only place that seemed to be the entrance of this shabby place, using all the energy she had left she hit the door with both hands screaming "let me out".
She did so until she got slacked and she slumped by the door sobbing. Wait...could... Could she have been kidnapped by the Boko Haram? Her eyes widened in realization, who else would kidnap her if not Boko Haram, it's definitely them. Just then she thanked her lucky start no one heard all her banging and barking, she would have been red sausage by now.

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