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Saturday, 20 October 2018


At the break of dawn I was awake almost impulsively even before the wake up call, already having been familiar with the daily routine. It was almost time for Fajr prayers, soon the wake-up call will be sounded and the camp will be alive again.
After the prayers were over chores began. I and my coworkers grabbed our cleaning equipments and began sweeping, arranging and cleaning the insurgent's quarters. I wasn't surprised when I saw the same man staring at my every move. Every inch I take, he watched closely. I noticed that he stared at me even more intently today.
I wanted to ask him, to query him as to why he stared persistently at me but that requires the balls of steel which I do not posses. It still remains a mystery to me as to why this man who I know nothing about not even his name stares at me in such a manner.
He is an insurgent you fool! Why else would he stare at you if not due to his evil lustful desire! After all you own a very generous behind.
For a moment I paused thinking if my intuition was right, but I remembered he never spoke a word or made any move. I was lost in thoughts forgetting I had paused for long, maybe too long because I was snapped back to reality by the crack of a whip, I had almost forgotten a guard usually keeps a watchful eye on us. the lanky guard rose his whip high up about to lash out at me, I on the other hand had already coiled up in a ball like position in anticipation for the horrifying lash but to my surprise it never came. Some seconds gone by and I still haven't felt the wrath of the mighty animal hide on my back.
I knew there weren't any trees around to clasp the whip mid air and of course Tanko wasn't in the vicinity to come to my aid, as a matter of fact no one around would come to my aid, but something must have happened, could it be that Tanko had mysteriously appeared to help me?
Still gripped by fear I slowly turned around to see what had hindered my faith and to my uttermost surprise it wasn't Tanko, no! The creepy-staring man stood between me and the lanky guard holding firm the guard's hand which held the whip mid air. I looked up and our eyes met, he held my gaze for what seemed like eternity without uttering a single word.
From afar a man called "Ya ameer please come forth your attention is needed in the high room." Suddenly like a shooting star, he walked away vanishing into the dim light of dawn.
I was totally lost and taken aback by his swift reaction and I could visibly see even with the fury that burned in the guard's eyes, he seems to share in my astonishment.
I got off the ground in a fleet not minding to dust off my body, with shaky hands I grabbed my broom and resumed sweeping fast. I went on sweeping nonetheless I was bewildered, I couldn't fathom as to why he saved me from those lashes because for all I know they are all ruthless demons sent straight from the bottomless pit of hell in human form, but it seems this particular man had a touch of humanity buried deep beneath his demonic surface.
Or maybe he was driven by his lustful desires towards you, do not fool yourself you daft ignoramus!
I knew my subconscious was somewhat correct but... never! Never!He would have to kill me first before I lay on his bed! I am for Tanko and Tanko alone! I shall let no man touch me even if he held a dagger to my throat or a gun to my head, not even on the pain of death!
The day went by in a quickened pace leaving me with unanswered questions, questions I dare not ask. Does this singular act of humility mean something? If it does, then what? He was there watching closely when Zuwaira's arm was severed making her bleed to death but he did nothing - so why me?
That one question flooded my mind with memories, memories of Zuwaira. My stay with her had been short but cordial, Zuwaira was the closest thing to a sister I ever had in this God forsaken camp but she is gone!

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