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Monday, 22 October 2018


I sat in a corner resting my head on my knees with my arms around my legs looking up deep into the horizon. The horizon always looks blue irrespective of how much blood had soaked the soil leaving me to wonder if death was better than being held a captive but if so, how does death itself feel like?
"As much as I would love to stay here and hear your flimsy excuses Brigadier, I can't! I have more pressing issues to handle. Now get yourself together and be useful." Lieutenant General Emeka ordered. "I need the situation report in my office as soon as possible. I have a briefing with the President in three hours."
"Yes sir... But..."
"But what Brigadier?" The General cut him off. "I don't have the time for chit chat, now go get me that darn report!"
"Yes sir, at once sir." The brigadier saluted and wandered off in a haste, knowing better than to argue.
"And where the bloody hell is the PRO?" General Emeka enquired in a tone all too familiar to his subordinates.
"Thirty minutes out sir." One of the soldiers answered.
"Do you think I have thirty minutes to spare? Make it fifteen!"
"Sir, yes sir!"
"General on deck!" One of the junior officers yelled as soon as he sighted General Emeka striding into the meeting room and every soldier in the room stood at attention.
"At ease." The General said with a wave of his hand and they all sat down. "As you all know one of our base has been attacked, I want to know how it happened... in details!" He didn't bother sitting down on his own chair but stood with both hands pressed against the table supporting his hefty weight. "And by in details I mean I want to know who was stationed where, in fact I want to know the exact second any soldier on duty took a piss and I want it done now and fast. I want you all to cut down the time it takes you all to accomplish any assignment, as a matter of fact I want you all to cut down on the time it takes you to breathe." He strained a critical gaze on each of the men "Am I clear gentlemen?"
"Yes sir." They all answered in uniform with tensed yet firm voices.
Without uttering another word the Lieutenant General left room.
Laughter filled the air, you could sense the jubilation from the insurgents voices. It was indeed a job well done but Bulama in particular seems to be missing all the fun as he was mentally withdrawn from his environment. He said only a few words and stared deep at the bonfire as though he'd extinguish it with his steady gaze, while the others chatted away and laughed over the bonfire.
"You don't look too happy Bulama, are you alright?" One of the top Commanders asked but there was no response, Bulama was way too lost to pick a word. "Are you alright Bulama? You don't seem to be here at all."
He still was lost too far from reality to answer, his closest friend sitting next to him gave him a slight nudge on the arm, good enough to retrieve his attention.
"Oh sorry I'm just too tired although I did next to nothing today" Bulama shrugged and chuckled as he replied.
"That's a shame because I was thinking you'd be the best person to supervise our new recruits." Abu Qaqa said with a wide smile plastered on his lips. "Quite honestly I would be more at ease to know you personally saw them through Guduma "
Bulama tried to suppress his surprise but deep within his dark brown eyes you could tell the name
Guduma did ring a bell. Something he was all too familiar with nonetheless wouldn't want to face... again.

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