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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


"Yes Ameer." He returned a curt smile in spite of himself. "Your wish is my command Ameer, I shall supervise them as you asked." He set his eyes back on the fire and let his thoughts sink deeper into the crackling roars of its flames.
"Tie him up!"
The three words resonated in Bulama's mind robbing him of the little serenity and peace he had left.
"Hold him down! He shouldn't be stronger than the both of you." The man commanded the two others struggling to subdue Bulama. "Tie him up if he resists further."
" Why don't we just kill him instead Ya Ameer?" One of the two men asked in a voice filled with malice. "He seems to be too stubborn."
"Don't you dare," The man turned swiftly, observing Bulama as if he was a smut. "I want him alive."
"If you think-" The hard punch that landed on
Bulama's left cheek cut his words short mid sentence.
"Gag him too, I don't need to hear his opinion but I know he will make a very fine commander."
Robbed of sleep and most importantly peace of mind, i spent the entire night pacing back and forth in this cold and lonely room. Just when i had started to gain myself back i am forced to...
I stopped dead in my tracks, my thoughts trailed off and just then it hit me! The little changes in my person could have aroused suspicion in Abu-Qaqa. Could he have noticed? Is so then subjecting me to Guduma again without actually being forced like last time seems great a plan to restore back the humble slave in me, after all it would look like I was just carrying out an assignment. If anything, I would have to devise a means to deflect without raising more suspicion even if not for me but for fatima! I lost you once, I wouldn't make the same mistake again.
A small voice wanted to point out to me she wasn't the fatima I knew but I drowned the voice and paid no attention to it, I saw fatima in her and that was all that mattered.
The ball of fury was slowly creeping it's way into the blanket of darkness illuminating everything before its rays. It was almost time and for the very first time ever since I started on this either Godly or foolish cause my heart was hammering into its cage rather forcefully, this wasn't a good sign.
I took a quick shower during which I couldn't clear my head off a lot of thoughts. Too much thinking was of no good, probably one of the reasons we had to face Guduma. Act and don't think was it's motto among my fellow men.
Dressed up as quick as I can, i slid my rifle onto my back and set course for the high quarters. Only a few steps away from my room she came into view, I paused staring at her with full concentration. There Fatima was sweeping energetically trying her best not to fall prey to the lanky guard behind her.
She is not Fatima! How many years will it take you to acknow...- the little voice was cut short by a voice all too familiar.
"Asslamaikum akhi (my brother)" I whirled around and saw Abu-Qaqa smiling as he approached me, he walked majestically as if he was king of this little kingdom "you look very handsome this morning" he added.
Well I guess going to the high quarters is of no use after all
"wa'alaikum salam ya ameer" I shook his hand trying as best as possible to make my fake smile look genuine.
"Bulama you didn't think your absence for fajr prayers today would go unnoticed did you? I mean you are one of the most keen person I know so I assume your absence had to be caused by a great deal"

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