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Friday, 26 October 2018


If my instincts were not right half dozen of times I would have fell for it, I would have foolishly accepted his smile was indeed genuine but I knew better, I could see right through his facade.
"of course not ya ameer, i prayed through the night and when I was done I decided to say some supplications more but..." I chuckled in a way I hope convinced him more that my smile was really genuine. "sleep is indeed the greatest of thieves for it stole my consciousness before I knew it, when I woke up, I heard you saying the final salam. I was too ashamed and shy to present myself as the one who had missed fajr" I slumped my shoulders low, just low enough to make my lie more believable.
"OH C'mon" Abu-Qaqa swayed his palm in the air "it's okay, we're only humans, we're all prone to error"
Yes! He fell for it!
" so ... When will you take the recruits for induction?" he smiled only this time his smile grew broader.
For a brief second prior to his question, I had forgotten about Guduma, I had concentrated fully on being just as evasive as he thought he was. I should just put a hole in his head right now, but no! Not until my mission is achieved.
"I was just about to go ask you that Ya ameer, you know every second count" I answered, placing an even broader smile.
"Then go right ahead, you have my blessing. May Allah continue to guide and protect you" patting my shoulder he continued "personally... Personally losing you will be hard for me, very hard, in fact the second hardest thing I'd have to go through, the first being the bullet I had to put in my brother's head for disobeying Allah" Abu-Qaqa hugged me patting my back and without uttering another sentence he walked away.
Wait what! He did what!
That was definitely a threat in disguise, I know a threat when I hear one. I turned around to see if someone was close enough to have heard our conversation, but no one was in the vicinity, the whole yard was empty even Fatima and her colleagues were long gone. It was highly foolish of me to think someone would dare eavesdrop on our conversation.
Watching the young men before me walk effortlessly despite the shackles on both their hands and feet brought back a familiar feeling -fear! They marched without any form of resistance, I really should have spared myself the agony back then by doing just as they did... Walk without resisting, just walk!
I walked past a tree, a very familiar tree, suddenly an image came floating at the back of my mind. It was an image of me going this same way years ago, the only difference was I was being carried. My arms and legs were bound by a single rope behind my back.
Shoot them! Annihilate the infidels, don't allow them esca-
I shook my head vigorously to eliminate such reminders. The last time I had such a flashback someone paid for it dearly I wasn't going to allow that happened again.
Standing here before this makeshift room everything changed. It black curtains harbored memories I so much wish to forget. I tried to hold back and stay in check, I was somehow able to keep the raging anger and blood thirst at bay.
" Bulama I want you and your brother to take your little sister and flee, run as fast as your heels can carry you, don't look back just go. As your mother my last wish and command to you both is that you take care of your sister, now Go!"
As soon as the incantation and recitation stared my last firewall came crashing down. Impulsively I landed a hard punch to the back of the last recruit, so hard a heard snap sound which definitely says I broke a bone in him. The unlucky fellow fell to the ground on impact, knocked out clean unconscious, my fellow brothers all looked at me in disbelief shock written on their faces.
Deep down I knew despite my raging anger and ability to find a way out of no way Guduma's superiority was unmatched and unparalleled, I stood no chance against it and if I want to walk back with some degree of sanity I had gained intact I better walk away and now!
And what would you say to Abu-Qaqa, you know he'll definitely be told about this.
Despite how I wanted to shut that inner voice I had to accept it got a point, a strong point!
"if anyone amongst you..." I went on scanning them as I point my index finger at their faces. "...dares to tell the ameer what happened here today believe me I'll have your head on a stick before sunset.
"Has anyone noticed a change in Bulama's behavior recently or is it just me?" one of the men asked.
"The next time you make such a mistake I'll personally inform him" another one replied him totally unaware that I was within hearing distance.
I wanted to go back and club their throats outs but I had to keep my temper in check. If I go on like this it will be only a matter of time before Abu-Qaqa gets to know I'm up to something.
I hope this chapter provides a bit more information needed to piece the puzzle.
What do you think Guduma is?

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