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Tuesday, 2 October 2018


*                            *                            
Fiona, I would like to introduce you to someone.
Who could that be?
She had never been herself since she slumped and could not remember what she had been doing before she slumped, all she could recollect was that she was on the bed and Max was talking to her.
“Who?” She replied
  “This is Rylee Pans and she’s gonna be your care taker, she’s a medical personnel….a nurse.” Max said, smiling
   Rylee Pans, Fiona had a feeling she has seen or heard that name before but she couldn’t place where.
“I’m fine. I don’t need a nurse. It would be a waste of Rylee’s time, my patience and your money.”
“This was the doc’s idea”
‘’Then I’ll talk to him, ‘’ She said
‘’Hey, if this is a problem,” Rylee interjected, “maybe you should work it out.’’
Max pointed a finger at Rylee. “It’s not a problem.”
“You do want to get better don’t you? As fast as you can.”
“Of course.”
“Then it’s decided.”
“No way,” Fiona shot back
“Hey I don’t need this.” Rylee was reaching for her briefcase. You folks should sort this out.”
Max stood his ground. “There’s nothing to sort out. You’re hired and that’s that. We’ll take your things up to the servants’ quarters and if you give me a minute, my sis and I will discuss it.”
“Sure. Whatever.”
“I don’t need a nurse or a babysitter or whatever it is you think you hired,” she said. “And don’t give me that garbage about me not knowing what’s best for me or that the doctor insists, okay, because I’m not buying it. Not one word.”
“Maybe this isn’t just about you,” Max said. How do you think I feel leaving you here alone without anyone to look after you?”
“I don’t need looking after.”
“Of course you do,” he snapped
“I’m a grown woman!”
“For God’s sake, Fiona. This is a rough time for both of us. And things aren’t getting any better.”
“You don’t have to worry about me.” She said
“Hell, Fiona, would you just, for once, not fight it?” he asked “Let me take care of you”
“Whatever” she said.
                      *                   *                  
     The next two days passed in a bag of pills and pain. Rylee, as Max had told her, was quick with the medication, or tray of food that she could barely swallow and every time her mind began to clear, she would become drowsy again. The room seemed more like a death chamber than a bedroom. She didn’t trust Rylee one bit.
      She didn’t know night from day, had no strength and could barely move.
       She had a feeling this wasn’t right.
“No more pills,” she’d insisted on the second or third day
“But you’re healing.” Rylee was helping her eat some kind of carrot soup. A phone call your father is dead. What!
“No………there’s something wrong…….” But she insisted and when she complained to Max, he’d stroke her head and tell her she was getting much better.
                 *                *               *
Clear images were visualized in her brain. She was in a fight with Max. She remembers vividly what happened before the accident. “I have to see detective Joe”, she thought loudly. She went to the door.
A man was waiting for her, a tall man with brown hair, sunglasses and a gun with a silencer pointed straight at her heart.
She froze” Who are …….?
“Fiona”, he said in that same horrid voice she recognized in her room. Die, bitch! Those were his words.
“Let’s go Fiona”, Charles insisted
“Now you can come quietly with me or I’ll kill you”. He wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger and she was sure of it.
Fiona had no choice
“Where to?” she asked breathlessly.
“To your room of course” he said with a dangerous smile across his lips.
Alone? She was going to be alone with him?
“We’ll go in” Charles said
“And do what? She asked. “What is it you want?”
“I don’t have any”.
“But you have access……. Through the computer. All you have to do is make a few transfers.” He sent her a glance.
“What’s few hundred grand for your life?”
I can’t even log into the damned thing,” She argued. “I ……… I don’t know the codes.”
“Sure you do. You’ve done it hundreds of times. I’ve seen you.”
“No I can’t. I can’t remember any fucking thing”
“Yeah right.”
“But it’s true”
“Shut up bitch!”
         There was no way out of this mess. He assumed she could give him money from her accounts with Max, but that was impossible. Oh, Lord, what could she do? “But I can’t remember,” she said.
“I know enough of the code. You’ll remember. Now,” he said.
She was doomed. When she couldn’t open the damned files, he’d get angry and……. and…….. oh, God, she couldn’t think what might happen to her.

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