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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


    *           *           *
She was beginning to remember. Charles her ex-boyfriend. What! How….God.
            Charles pushed her into the room, then locked the door behind him. “Well, well, well,” he said, looking around. “This place hasn’t changed much, has it?”
His smile was mischievous. “You and me we spent some time here. A lot of it.”
Her stomach tightened at the thought.
“I don’t remember.”
“No?” “Well, that just won’t do, now will it?
Maybe I should find a way to remind you.”
“And just how do you intend to do that?” She asked with a lift of her eyebrow.
“I’ve got my ways.”
“All talk, Charles”, she said.
“We’ll see about that”, he said. “You just wait here”.
“What are you doing?”
“You’ll see”. “Come here”, he said. Looking at the bed he said ”Okay, bitch, this is where it all started between you and me. Maybe it’s time to end it here”.
She swallowed her fear and stared at him. ”If you think it would be a good idea”.
“I think it would be a great idea”, he said. He grabbed her and pushed her to the side of the bed, her hand went to the gun she had hidden beneath the bed, yanked it with a free hand clicked off the safety.
“You bitch! You are gonna pay!”
She didn’t wait, she pulled the trigger.
The bullet went off. Charles arm exploded. He cried in pain. Blood and bits of bone sprayed over the rug, over Fiona, on the wall. Charles rolled away from her, blood pouring from the wound in his arm. She heard someone footsteps. Finally, help was on the way. Fiona pointed her weapon at Charles. He managed to crawl to his gun lying on the floor. “Don’t even think about it”, she ordered ready to fire again. He sank to the floor, moaning in pain.
“Don’t move.”
With a groan he passed out.
The door bust open.
“Max, thank God you’re here”, Fiona said
“Too late, Fiona.” His smile mischievous, a shotgun in his hand. “The way I see this scenario is your lover, Charles over there, everything went wrong. Charles tried to double-cross you and you killed each other.”
Fiona turned her gun toward Max, who laughed.
“That’s it, go ahead, try to shoot me.”
“Why did you do all this?” she asked, anger raging inside her. “How did you know where I was going that night ………” Fiona asked, trying to come up with a plan and break free.
“Don’t you think we know you’d drive down to Labasco the next month after we had that fight to go report to father… he would have done anything?” Max asked, “Jesus, we set that up too. The minute you left I called Charles and he took up his position on the highway.”
“But I could have taken another route,” Fiona said.
“But we followed,” Max said. “Charles in a rental car and I in my car.”
Was there no way out of this mess. Think, Fiona. Think! “Why would Charles want to kill me?”
“He needed money. Charles had himself a conc cocaine habit, before I forget do remember how you betrayed him.” She was thinking fast, trying to come up with a way to snatch the gun from Max.
“I didn’t betray him! I’m your sister max, you don’t want me having an affair with a cocaine addict. I found out about his addiction and broke up with him… is that betrayal?” Fiona asked
“That’s none of my friggin’ business…you really can be a bitch,” Max said with a laugh “father giving you half of his property, after your death, it will all be mine…….mine and mine alone.
“So you killed fa…..father,” Fiona said.
“Smart girl, guessed right,” Max replied. “For Christ’s sake!”
He stepped forward. A shot reported. Max’s body jerked wildly and he fell to the floor, dropping the shotgun.
“No!” Fiona screamed. Charles, one hand holding his gun, fell back again, his eyes closing.
Fiona call the police, still shaking in fear. Dial 911
Charles rolled over, trying to struggle to his feet. “Take one step you son of a bitch and I swear, I’ll blow your head!” Fiona warned. Max gave a final rasping breath. Charles groaned, the bone of his forearm shattered. “What was it you told me? That you wanted everything? That you deserved it?” Fiona shouted at Charles, the gun shaking in her fingers as she kept it pointed at him.
“Well, it looks like you’re going to finally get what you deserve, and it’s going to be hell.
    *                         *                      *
Nearly three hours later, Fiona sat in Detective Joe’s office. “Max had already stopped by the nursing home and made arrangements for your dad’s burial. He’d already called his lawyer, was anxious to get all the properties to himself,” Joe said
“Good. What about the sonofabitch”
“Doc Rylee” she replied
“We’re still talking to her, but she’s a big part of this, probably end up losing her license.”
“I just wish it was over,” she said.
“It will be. Someday.” Joe glanced at her. “This was all about money, you know. And Charles…….”
“Where’s he?” she asked
“Another hospital. Under guard. His right arm will never be the same, but it won’t matter. The way I see it, he’ll be locked up for the rest of his life,” Joe said
“We’ll have to get a lot of Hail Marys’ and our Fathers to get the guy upstairs to find forgiveness for Charles’ black soul.”
“You got it.” They both share a wild laughter.


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