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Saturday, 20 October 2018


Anita's POV
I walked majestically to the door just to come across as bold and confident in Samson's house, until the house itself set a trap for me just to embarrass me in front of him.
Something on the floor made me trip. I thought I was going to hit my butt hard on the floor 'cause I was ready for it, but then a hand gripped me by the waist firmly. It was Samson's hand, obviously.
As soon as he touched me, there was this sensational feeling I felt and trust me, it was pleasant. We stayed glued, starring at each other for what seemed like forever. He was looking at me as if he was piercing through my soul and I was also looking at him that way. His eyes were so captivating that I couldn't get enough of it. They were just...wait, did I just want to say that they were beautiful? What was wrong with me? I shouldn't feel this way towards a guy, at least, not again.
"Very good!" Was the sinister word that ruined the special moment. I wanted to remain like that with him but...
We both abruptly stood up and starred at the being that was right in front of us. Trust me, the girl's look was killing. It was so venomous.
"Uh...uhm..." Samson seemed to find words hard to say. He stuttered and exchanged glanced with me and the stranger in front of us. "Zainab! Wh...what are you doing here?" He scratched his head nervously.
She squinted her eyes and folded her arms around her chest. "Really? So you ask me what I'm doing here. What is she doing here?" She gestured at me, disapprovingly.
I cleared my throat. "Er...I guess I have to go now." I checked the time in my wrist watch. "It's past five. I have to run along now." I spoke swiftly. Then rushed to get my bag from the chair. "Bye Samson." I didn't even wait to hear what he had to say, I just hurried out.
"Wait Anita!" Samson hollered at me. I snapped my head at him. "You don't know your way out." He stated.
"I can manage. I don't want to keep the girl in your house waiting."
"No, I can't leave you to walk alone. Besides, this is rural area and I have to ensure your safety." He pleaded.
"Aw..." I let out a fake smile. "Okay." I shrugged.
The next day came so quick.
"So how was your study with Samson?" Ola asked with enthusiasm.
It was break time and we were walking to the food vendor. Samson and I had been avoiding gazes, not to talk of speaking to each other. It was quite awkward for me though, but I passed.
We sat down on our favourite desk at the food vendor.
"It was great." I answered simply.
They both exchanged glances at each other before looking at me in a 'duh' manner.
"Is that just it, great?" Susan questioned.
"What else do you want me to say?" I looked at them perplexedly.
Ola narrowed his eyes, shaking his head. "Something. Anything but great."
"Okay. It was fun." I knew what they wanted but I was playing charade. Duh, they have to ask for a gist if that was what they wanted.

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