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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


"Stale stale." He feigned yawning.
I giggled and playfully hit him on his arm. "You've started again." I smiled at him. "But I'm being serious here. Don't let people's word get to you. Yeah, at times they could be right but are you. I prefer this side of you and not the serious type." We both laughed at my words.
Susan cleared her throat, interrupting our moment. "The gist o. " She put up this 'I don't care' face.
"Are you for real?" I furrowed my eyebrows at her.
"Yeah, the gist." Ola chimed in and that caught me off guard. After Wale just talked him down, he still was interested in the gist. It was just funny how he was so interested in anything that involved Samson. He actually could be gay, just saying.
"You guys are impossible." I shook my head and we all laughed heartily.
Closing time.
The discussion we had during break time was a long and interesting one. I told them all that they needed to know, however, I scrapped the part of him being poor. I couldn't possibly tell them that or they'd see him in a different way.
Susan, Ola and I were outside the school compound talking. I was waiting for Tracy, so they were keeping me company.
"My driver is around already, I have to run along now." Ola stated. "Are you coming with me, Susan?" He asked Susan.
"Nope. I'm going somewhere."
"Okay. Bye then."
"Bye." We both waved at him.
"Where are you going?" I asked Susan immediately Ola was out of sight.
"Just...someplace." She smirked at me mischievously.
"Hmm...don't transform into something I wouldn't be able to call my friend again."
"So now we are playing the skepticism game." She stated rather than a question.
"Maybe." I shrugged.
"I thought you trusted me." She hit me on the shoulder, hard.
"Ouch! That hurts!" I shrilled.
"Just as my feelings hurt now." She dramatically touched her chest. We both laughed at her action.
"Hmm..." Someone cleared the throat. We looked at the person, surprisedly, it was Samson. I mouthed an 'o' when our eyes locked.
"Good afternoon." He smiled sheepishly at us. "Anita, I was just thinking...maybe you and both of know? We could just..." And he kept on rambling nervously and shyly.
"Study today?" I spat out. His nervousness was quite adorable, surprisedly. I found him cute at the moment. What was wrong with me?
"Exactly." He confirmed. I smiled genuinely at him and I guess it was contagious, cause he returned the gesture. Although, he was still shy but less nervous.
"Mmm-hmm. Well, not today Samson."
He snapped his head at me. "Why? I mean, we have to study everyday so as to win the competition."
I folded my arms around my chest. "But we haven't been studying, have we?" The look on his face was priceless. He looked embarrassed yet shy. "Look Samson, why don't we just skip today and study tomorrow. Also, I think we need a timetable because we can't be studying everyday. It's kinda stressful."
He nodded his head in approval. "Yeah right. you up to today?" He licked his already pink lip, making it pinker and wet.
"Uhm...excuse me." Susan interrupted. "I have to be on my way, Anita. Bye." She waved at me and scurried away. Why did she do that?
He chuckled nervously, licking his lip again. I was forced to raise an eyebrow at him. I wondered why he was chuckling.
"What's funny?" I asked perplexedly.
"Er...nothing. I...I just...never mind."
We remained awkwardly silent after. The silence was killing that I, for the first time in a long time, was actually uncomfortable with a guy.
"I...I need to go look for my sis now." I finally broke the silence. Phew!
No sooner had I left his midst than he called me back. "Wait Anita!" He paused for a while. "I'm sorry."
My eyebrows merged in confusion. "Sorry? For what?"
"For everything. For the fact we didn't study for the two days we were together. For what happened yesterday at my place. For letting you avoid me throughout the day. For..."
"Stop it already, Samson. None of them were your fault. Life just happened."
"Then why do you wanna skip studying today?" He said softly.
"I'm not just in the mood." I said truthfully. "Now I have to go and look for my sister. She's taking like forever to get out here. I wonder what she's doing in there. Bye." I waved at him and walked inside the school compound.
"Bye." I heard him say.
* * * *

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