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Sunday, 28 October 2018


"Hmm. Just don't come back late." The caring and loving sister I am.
"Mtcheew." She hissed. "Cause you're my parents to tell me what to do, rubbish!" After she had blurted out these, she left my room and slammed the door hard making it seem like my room vibrated, from the impact.
I shook my head. "Now I won't be able to sleep again." I said to myself. But wait guys, did I just dream of Samson and I? What was happening to me? I sighed and got up from the bed.
After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went down to the living room. The TV was on but no one was watching. I then sat down on one of the sofas and took the remote from the center table. Initially, a music channel– Trace, was on, then I changed it to cartoon network. Early morning cartoons were the best. Who agrees with me?
Few minutes later, Tracy came to the living room. "Who changed the channel?" She questioned.
"I did. What's up?" I frowned my face a little.
"Didn't you see I was watching something?"
I chuckled a little. "Watching something? But when I got here, I saw no one." I stated matter-of-fact.
"But you saw the TV on right?"
"Yeah, I did." I nodded my head quizzically.
"I can see you're looking for my trouble this morning. How dare you change the channel?"
"Give me the remote joor! " She practically dragged the remote from my hand, angrily. What was up with her today?
"I could just watch TV in my room by the way." I muttered before exiting the room.
I went to the dinning area and met the cleaner cleaning the table. "Good morning ma." I greeted. She was in her late 50's.
" How you dey ?" She smiled warmly at me. And by the way, she was bad at speaking English.
"I'm very fine, thank you." I smiled back. I wanted to leave but I stopped due to my remembrance of something. " Ehe n, do you know where my parent went to?
"No small madam. But e be like say the gate man
go sabi. You fit ask am. " She suggested.
"Thanks." I walked to the kitchen.
I met the chef, preparing food. "Good morning." He was actually my favourite out of all the house helps. We mingled so well. He always gisted me about his past life and trust me, it was worth listening to.
"Anita, you're awake?" He glanced at me before focusing on what he was doing.
"No o. It's my ghost you're seeing." We both laughed at my statement. "Anyways, what's for breakfast?" I peeped at what was on fire and it was egg. He was frying egg.
"Bread, egg and tea. The egg would be ready in no time, just go and have a seat at the dinning table."
I nodded and left for the dinning room.
After we had had our breakfast, the Saturday was turning out boring. There was no power supply, Tracy had gone out which left only me with the house helps in the house. How boring!
I decided to read my books a little, not just for the competition but also to understand some things I'd been thought.
Immediately I brought my books down to the living room to study, there was a knock on the door. I stood up instantly from the couch in order to get the door. " No worry small madam. I go go open
the am. " The old lady said, running to the door.

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