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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


" Enter na. " I heard the old lady say to the person that knocked after a while of silence. I wondered who that was.
"Hey." I snapped my head instantly to the direction the voice came from. I was flabbergasted to see Samson in front of me, in my house. He was smiling sheepishly at me. He looked presentable even though not so good like rich children do look.
I marred my eyebrows in confusion, with my eyes slightly squinted. " did you get in?"
"I knocked and your house help opened up for me, then she ushered me in." He froze at the far end of the living room.
I pouted my lips. "Not that. I mean, how were you able to escape the securities outside the main gate? Cause they are meant to call the house so as give their consent if they want to see the person or not."
"Well, does that matter? So far I'm here now, alive." He smiled. "So can I come in?"
"What are you doing here?" I asked instead.
"Seems I'm not welcomed then. I...I'd just leave." He sounded serious and disappointed. And he was actually serious about leaving 'cause he was already making his way to the door. Really, was he gonna just leave?
"I didn't say you should leave." I folded my arms around my tits.
"Well, I feel like I'm not welcomed here." Was it just me or Samson was actually not in his normal mood today? He'd better come back to his normal mood because that was him and that was the Samson I liked, not this.
"I didn't say that. I only asked why you were here." I was also putting on a stern face.
He scoffed. "So you mean you don't know?"
I looked at him in perplexity. I was so confused. I totally didn't have an idea of what he was talking about.
"Today's Saturday and we are meant to study today." He stated.
"Oh." Realisation hit me real hard. "I'm so sorry. I'd totally forgotten."
"Hmm. So are you up for it or I should go?" He said, indifferently.
"Anything the matter? Why are you moody today?" I inquired. I honestly didn't like this Samson.
He shook his head. "Nothing. I'm fine."
"Anyways, come in." I gestured for him to 'come in.' "So can I offer you anything?"
"No, I'm fine. Thanks." He sat on the couch closer to mine. "So you were studying or you just started?" He pointed at my books on the table.
"Er..." I scratched my already rough hair. "I've not even started yet."
He smirked.
I sat down on the couch were I was seating before. "So any gist?" I smiled for no particular reason. Guess I was just happy that someone was around to keep me company.
"Lol. Are you really asking me that?" He cocked an eyebrow and smiled at me.
"Duh. Can't I ask that again? I'm just bored."
"Hmm. I can see you are in a good mood today."
"And I can also see that you're in a bad mood today. Mind telling me?"
He sighed. "Just forget it." He didn't look happy.
I wonder what the problem is. I then did something I never thought I would do to a guy again. I held his arm in a consoling manner. He looked at my hand in his arm before looking directly at my eyes. Guess he was also surprised that I could hold him in such manner. I was surprised myself too.
"You can tell me anything Samson. I'm here for you." I consoled him. Okay, tell me this didn't just happen. I was actually consoling a guy!
He looked at me for a while before letting out a heartwarming smile. "Thanks a lot Anita." He brought his other hand and placed it on mine. "I really appreciate your concern."
I blushed. Oh shit! What was happening to me? I now blush? Help me lord!
I removed my hand from his and cleared my throat. "You know what? I really don't want us to study right now, let's just gist."
"Okay. That sounds fun."
There was a short silence. "Gist me na. " I hit him lightly on the lap.
He chuckled. "Are you not the girl? You're meant to gist me." He bit his already pink lips after talking.
" Wo, that one doesn't matter for now o. "
"Okay okay. So what of your sister, is she around?"
"Nope. She went out." I was boring at him.
"I remember when I first got here." He chuckled sheepishly. "That your sister ehn. "
"What happen to her?" I kept on boring at him. He looked at me when I asked that question but immediately took his eyes away. He was shy. I knew that for a fact and I was intentionally gazing at him so as to make him shy. I loved it when he was shy with me.
"She's scary, sincerely." He was averting my gaze.
"Really?" I was smiling now, while looking at him. He looked so cute as he was shy. Aw!
"Yes." He still kept on averting my gaze. I could sense he was uncomfortable with the way I was looking at me.
He finally looked at me, with his eyebrows furrowed and a sexy smirk worn on his handsome face. "What's uh-huh? And stop staring at me."
"Are you shy?" I wiggled my eyebrows.
He smiled, actually blushed, and took his eyes off me.
"Samson is blushing o. " I teased.
"I'm not blushing." His voice sounded feminine, which indicated that he was in actual fact blushing!
"Aw! Cute." I threw a pillow at him. We actually had small pillows on each sofa.
"You wanna start a pillow fight right?" He cocked his eyebrows at me.
"I'm gonna so beat you to it."
"Really?" He nodded his head with a bent close-mouth smile. "Nice one." Unexpectedly, he threw a pillow at me.
"Not right. Cheat!" Before anything, we started throwing pillows are each other, laughing and running round the living room.
We were having a great time until...
"Anita?" We stopped running and looked at the direction.
I virtually fainted at the sight of my parents.
* * * *
Dun dun dun! Anita don enter one chance. 
What do you think her parents are gonna do to

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