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Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Samson's POV
I heard the door open as Tracy lips collided with mine. Her kiss took me off guard. It literally made me numb. I looked at the direction of the door and saw a...hurt looking Anita? She was hurt? Before I could blink my eyes to analyse what had just happened, Anita stormed out of the library.
I made an attempt to run after her but Tracy gripped my arms, firmly. I really didn't have an idea why I wanted to run after her. I guess my legs were just moving on its own.
"What!" I snapped at her, but she gave me this 'I don't care' look.
"You don't have to get mad at me. Not like she's ya babe." Tracy said nonchalantly.
At the moment, I felt like squeezing her throat to death. Anita wasn't my girlfriend, yes, but I just really liked her for no particular reason and I so wanted to be friends with her.
"Shush!" She cut me off abruptly. "Do you even think I really wanted to kiss you? Hell no! I just did it 'cause of her. I needed her to be hurt and I guess I accomplished that." She let out a sinister smirk.
Her reveals made me feel disgusted at her and at the same, hellish. I couldn't believe Tracy stooped herself so low just to hurt Anita. But why?
I eyed her in disdain before storming out of her midst to search for Anita.
I didn't know where to search for her, so I went downstairs with the hope of finding her. As I got downstairs, I roamed my eyes everywhere until finally, I spotted her strolling to the entrance door.
"Anita wait!" My heart skipped as I called her name. I knew she was angry with me already, but I wasn't backing down now. I had to make her understand that I didn't do anything wrong.
She stopped but didn't turn to face me. At least, she stopped. That was one step to making her believe that I hadn't done anything wrong.
I heaved a sighed before uttering a word: "What you saw in there, isn't what you think. I didn't kiss her, she kissed me. She just came in and–"
"What's the point proving yourself to me?" She cut me off and twirled around, facing me now. "Really, what's the point?" My eyebrows were slightly merged, making me frown a bit. I was confused why she asked that question.
"I...I..." I stuttered. Words deprived itself from flowing out of my mouth.
"Look Samson, if you liked my sister, you should have just told me rather than kissing her when I went to get my text book. I wouldn't have mocked you." I furrowed my eyebrows. I was confused as hell. I didn't know why she was saying this to me. Or wait, she actually thought I liked Tracy and that I kissed her on my own? Common!
"Funny thing is, I would have helped you talk to her, but instead, you went ahead kissing her. I had to leave you guys alone to enjoy your privacy." She concluded.
"Wait Anita, I don't get you. I don't like Tracy–"
" don't have to hide your feelings for Tracy." She said with a smile, which made me angry.
"You don't believe me?!" I was boiling already. "I didn't kiss her, she was the one who kissed me! I was just on my–"
"Tracy would do no such thing as to kiss you! I know her too well. She can't stoop herself so low." She had a glimpse of anger laced in her tone.
"Oh really? So I'm the low one here? I rich people just feel like you guys are perfect that you can't make mistakes. You guys would never want to blame yourselves for any of your wrong doings. You guys just prefer to condemn the poor and walk away, like you did nothing! I made a mistake trying to prove anything to you when all you guys do is to blame the poor for your wrong doings. Yeah I get it, I'm poor, but that doesn't mean I'm desperate and stupid!" Those words came out of my mouth without me realising that I was talking to Anita, not like I couldn't say stuffs like that to her, but we were just getting to know each other and then this?

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