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Thursday, 4 October 2018


After saying all of that, I ran upstairs to get my bag. I was so pissed that I wouldn't even want to spare another minute in Anita's apartment, even though I also didn't want to leave. And also, I was disappointed at her for thinking low of me. How could she? I had to leave before I explode out of rage.
I came downstairs with my bag pack, ready to leave her house.
I looked at her, hurt written all over my face. She looked at me, but didn't utter a word. Why wouldn't she just say something? I really didn't want to leave her sight but if she wouldn't say anything, then I had to leave.
"Uhm...I...I think I should just leave?" Heaven knows I really didn't want to leave, but then...
"Okay." Her voice came out faint that if I hadn't paid attention, I wouldn't even know she said something.
I was deliberately moving at a slow pace, hoping that she would call me back, but she did not. So I left the house without a word from both us. Sad right?
I got home feeling exhausted, hurt, angry and sad. No one was home. I laid on the bed thinking about the event that occurred in Anita's house, then my mind drifted to Anita. I started thinking of how beautiful she was when she smiled. The way her lips moved when she talked. The way her legs crossed together when she walked. A smile graced my face as I kept on thinking about her. Geez!
What's wrong with me?
A knock on the door interrupted my train of thought. I jerked up from the bed and scurried to get the door.
"Good afternoon ma." It was mum.
† † †
Anita's POV
Another day of freedom. I loved school a lot. It always made me ecstatic 'cause I had to escape the boredom that percolated in my house and my parent wouldn't even allow us go out. They had this mind set that girls couldn't be found walking out alone. Middle fingers to them. And Tracy wasn't even helping matters. All she did was to walk around the house with her headphone on and also, chat all day.
After yesterday's event, which caused Samson and I not to study, I didn't bother asking Tracy if she was the one who sexually harassed Samson. I didn't want to believe it was her, even though something kept telling me that she was the one.
Our driver dropped us at school.
As I walked to my class, Wale the most notorious student in my class walked up to me with a flirtatious smirk glued to his handsome-ugly face, that's if there's a word like that. I said that because he was handsome normally, but I saw him as ugly because he kept on pestering my life.
Let me briefly gossip Wale to you guys.
Wale was the most notorious student in my class. He was handsome but I saw him as ugly because he kept disturbing me to be his girlfriend and I kept declining. Though, his parents were stinkingly rich, but what do I care? He wasn't so brilliant, however, I believe that if he put more effort on his academics, he would be very good. He sometimes bullied people, but when it came to me, he was always calm and gentle. The feelings he had for me was too strong.
"Hey my pretty angel." He let out this very annoying giggle that made me roll my eyes.
"How are you doing n a?" I kept on walking, thus, ignoring him. "You don't want to answer me abi?" Still no symptom of approval that he was there.
He gripped me in the arms and forced me to face him. "I'm taking to you na. " He said gently.
"Are you insane? Have you suddenly gone nut? See Wale, I don't have time for you this morning." I glared at him.

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