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Saturday, 6 October 2018


"Anita, please don't insult me. It's because I like you that's why I'm taking this insult from you. Besides, it's too early to start throwing curses at someone."
I pouted my lips before walking out on him. He jogged to meet me and later started walking beside me.
"You know I like you right?" He said smiling at me. He actually had a nice smile. Did I mention, he was a very hot guy and popular too. Girls drooled over him and I called those kinds, cheap. If I hadn't been experienced enough, I'd probably be in that category of cheap girls, so I couldn't blame them.
I feigned a smile. "Yeah, I know."
"And you're very beautiful." He continued to deceive himself. This guy was such a bore.
"Old news."
"Huh?" He flinched an eyebrow.
"A lot of people tell me that and you've also told me that a lot of time." I said in a 'duh' manner. "By the way, I don't need people to tell me that I'm beautiful, I know that already. By mere checking the mirror, I can tell." I narrowed my eyes.
He burst out laughing. "I like your self-esteem." He smirked at me.
"What can I say?" I shrugged. "I grew to have an high self-esteem."
"Okay, let's drop the unnecessary talks. So have you thought of my proposal?" As he said this, Samson passed me. He didn't bother saying a word to me neither did he spare me a glance, he just walked passed me. He was probably still mad at me for disbelieving him yesterday. Trust me, I cared a little, just a little. And he even revealed that he was poor, that was the more reason I cared but just a little.
I scoffed. Time to play charade. "What proposal?" I feigned a confused face. I sure knew what he was talking about, but I couldn't possibly accept to be his girlfriend. Gross!
"So now you're pretending not to know right?" He had a glimpse of anger in his tone. Might I add, he was also very peevish. Slightest things could get to him easily.
"I really do not know." I shrugged as I entered into the class. Tracy was already in the class. She was gisting with her friends at the back of the class. Susan had come also, but Ola, I didn't know if he had.
"Hey Susan." I placed my hands on her desk. She was sitting in the front row.
"Oh hey Anita. When did you arrive?" A smile was plastered on her face.
"Just now."
"Seems like we would talk later!" Wale said and stormed out of my midst. Like seriously, I had totally forgotten he was with me. Well I guess, it was because he wasn't in the least way important to me.
"What was that?" Susan raised her eyebrows, making her have a shocked look.
"'s nothing." I dismissed the conversation with my hand. "So what of Ola, he hasn't come?" I scanned the class to see if had come but I didn't see a shadow of him.
"He isn't coming to school today."
"Why?" I asked almost immediately.
"Well maybe if you came online yesterday, you would have known! By the way, why didn't you even come online?"
"Er...I..." I thought of a lie to say. I couldn't possibly tell her that it was because Samson and I had a little misunderstanding and that I kept on thinking about it. In fact, I felt bad that I blamed Samson. I felt bad? Where's your 'I don't care'
attitude Anita Stephen?
"Oh, because Samson and you were studying." Susan said.
"Yeah? Yeah. How did you know?"
" told Ola and I yesterday." I mentally face palmed at my forgetfulness. How could I have forgotten that I told them that?
"O...Kay. Talk to you later." I exit her midst and went to my desk, beside Samson's.
I sat down quietly, without any of us uttering a word. You thought right! It was awkward.
He had a book placed on his table and he pretended to be reading it, even though I knew for a fact that he wasn't. He perhaps just needed a distraction.
I decided to utter a word, suddenly, the bell rang for assembly. Phew! That was close.

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