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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


As the class was going on, Samson kept on glancing at me from time to time. I also kinda was doing the same thing– glancing at him. At first, it felt normal to me but as time ticked on, it became quite awkward. I wasn't so comfortable with the way we were stealing glances at each other. Don't get me wrong, not like I couldn't stop glancing. I was doing it because I kinda felt bad for what happened yesterday, between us.
"Anita," Mr Kelvin called. We were having maths at the moment. It was the last subject we were having before break time.
I jolted as I looked his way. All along, I hadn't been paying attention to his teachings. Samson kinda got me lost in track. No, it wasn't a crush. Couldn't possibly be. I just felt bad that I disbelieved him and he had to reveal that he was poor, which made me feel guilty.
"Do you have an idea to the problem on the board?" He asked. Why now?
"" I smiled sheepishly.
"Okay. Samson?" He averted his gaze to Samson. I
didn't know it, so why would Samson know it when
we were both stealing glances at each other. I let out a small smirk at my thought.
I felt proud that Mr Kelvin called me first before calling Samson. At least, he still saw me as his best student.
"Er...I think it's sixteen." Samson stood up from his chair, squinting his eyes at the board.
'Omni knowest' I thought.
"Nice one Samson, but you are wrong." Aw... "The answer's fifteen. Maybe you miscalculated."
"Okay Sir." Samson let out a small smile and took his seat, before glancing at me in a way? Yeah, it was a bit sexy. Not to kill your morale, but I found it quite disgusting. After closely getting the answer, he had to still look at me that way? Nice try Samson and it worked. You just got me furious.
I rolled my eyes at him and faced squarely at the board.
Finally, the bell rang for break. I stood up ready to leave with Susan. No sooner had I left the class than Mr Kelvin called me back.
"Go. I'll join you in a while." Directed to Susan. I said that before I spun to him.
Samson was placing his books into his bag pack before Mr Kelvin made him halt. "And you too Samson." That was what made Samson freeze at the spot.
We exchanged puzzled looks, before I walked up to Mr Kelvin so did Samson.
The class was now empty, leaving only me, Samson and Mr Kelvin.
"Sir, you called. Why?" I said impatiently. I needed to escape from Samson. Don't ask why 'cause I won't tell. And don't even dare think that I'm crushing on him or already having little feelings for him. Because I ain't one bit. GUILTY CONSCIENCE!

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