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Friday, 12 October 2018


"Have you guys started your studying?" That question choke the hell outta me. We didn't study yesterday because of what happened, so what reply are we going to give him.
"Er...we..." I searched my brain for an answer, but it seemed to be clueless too. Fuck brains!
"We have sir." Samson cut in immediately. I snapped my head at him. "We studied yesterday at
Anita's place." Emphasis was laid on the mention of my name. The look on his face was blank. He had no emotions written on it as he lied.
"Is that true Anita?" Both heads snap at me.
My eyes did a dash blinking, before settling. "Er, yes. Absolutely." I managed to say.
"Okay. You guys have to study hard and be sure do it everyday. This competition no be beans oh. We must win."
"Okay sir." Samson nodded.
"How many hours did you guys use to study yesterday?"
"Uhm...two...two hours sir." At this point, Samson looked less settled. He knew he was lying way too much, but what could we do.
"Hmm. Nice. That's a nice length of time, but you guys could make it longer if time permits though."
"Right." Samson chuckled rather nervously. He was literally the one doing all the talking, whilst I was tongue tied. If there was one thing that could defeat me, then, it would be lying. I was a horrible liar. If I lied, one would definitely know I lied.
"You may both leave."
I turned around instantly and briskly walked out without turning back.
"Hey Anita, wait up!" Samson hollered at me. The 'wait up' sounded like 'wadeapp' from his mouth.
Holy shit! What does he want now?
Nonetheless, I shove my thoughts away and twirled to face him with my hands akimbo.
He was strutting to me, with his hands in his pocket coupled with a very ' the word' smile. Cute smile, that was the word since your curiosity is getting the better of you.
"Hi Anita." He smiled at me sheepishly.
I kept mute, with a bored look attached on my face.
"Uhm..." He scratched the nape of his neck with one hand, while the other was still relaxed in his pocket. "I...I'm sorry for what happened yesterday."
My bored look suddenly drifted to a guilt and perplexed look. He was apologising, why?
"I know I shouldn't have acted up." He continued his apologetic speech. "I was just devastated that you blamed me for committing the act. It was heart drenching. Yeah, you couldn't have possibly blamed Tracy because she's your sister, but–"
"Just forget it." I cut him off. "Let's just forget the past and focus on the present. I get it, my sister sexually harassed you and I'm sorry about that. But please, can we not discuss this again?" I wouldn't say I sounded angry neither would I say I sounded apologetic. I was on the fence, but anger was leading.
"Look Anita, don't take it–"
"I would take that as a no. Since you decide not to forget what happened, then so be it!" Okay anger was leading now. I didn't know why I was fuming with rage. The feeling was just badging in. Well, I guess it was because I felt guilty that he apologized to me and I didn't like the feeling at all. I didn't want to feel that way again after all that I'd been through. I didn't want to feel bad for a guy. All I wanted was to feel superior and let a huge pride engulf me.

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