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Sunday, 14 October 2018


In no time, I stormed out of his midst. He hollered my name severally but I ignored all of it.
It was closing time. I was already outside the gate with Susan. Tracy wasn't out yet so I had to wait for her. The driver also was waiting for her but he was inside the car, whilst I was outside talking to Susan.
"Why did Mr Kelvin call you back?" Susan asked.
"Actually, he called both Samson and I." She furrowed her eyebrows quizzically, waiting for me to complete the statement. "He was under the impression that me and Samson had not started studying for the competition." I completed and she nodded.
"And have you guys started?" Susan asked immediately.
"Of course!" I said swiftly yet in a nervous tone, which gained me a jumbled look from her.
"Hey." I heard someone say. Ah! Thank God
Tracy's here. I looked at the direction where the voice came out from. To my uttermost surprise, it wasn't Tracy or anyone I expected, it was my least expectation– Samson. Are you surprised that I least expected him? Well, I did. Because, I stormed out of his midst and also, ignored his calls so I expected him to be mad at me.
He walked up to me with a frown on his face, probably because of the sun.
"Good afternoon." He directed the greeting to Susan. She had a smile worn on her cute face. She perhaps would be thinking that 'finally he acknowledged her presence.' Or what if it was because Ola wasn't around that was why he acknowledged her presence. Could just be.
He then turned to meet my eyes. Did I mention, he had lovely set of eyes. His eyes were black but had a shade of blue in it, which made it lovely and unique.
"So...are we studying today?" He smirked a little. Okay, this guy was a little bit cute. Note the word 'little bit'.
"Do you wanna study today?" I retorted.
He rolled his eyes annoyingly. Well, I didn't care.
"Of course I wanna study! I mean, we are both preparing for a competition, so why wouldn't I want to study. It's now depending on you if you wanna study." He sounded damn serious and slightly annoyed. Guilt took over me again. Oh
please, not again!
" wanna hangout in my place today to study?" His voice came out low and a bit hoarse, which on a nutshell, made him sound not so sexy but sexy. Okay stop beating me, I found the voice sexy but JUST A LITTLE.
Woah, woah, wait! His place?!
"Your place?!" I half screamed and half whispered.
He furrowed his eyebrows. "Yeah, my place. I can't study at your place a second time and let what happened yesterday repeat itself." He spat out nonchalantly.
"Again?" I made a stern look. "Why can't you just let what happened yesterday slide?" My question made Susan look at me quizzically yet confusing. I knew that if Samson made any attempt to leave, she wouldn't even let me take in air before questions would start gushing out of her mouth like water.
"I can't let it slide because you still believe that I did it and not her." He said calmly but a bit of hurt was evident.
"What's happening here?" Susan whispered into my ears. "There's gist gallon for us oh. " Still whispering. I rolled my eyes and focused on Samson. He had hurt written all over his face.

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