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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


I sighed. "Okay, your place it is." I didn't want to hurt him further so I had to oblige to his suggestion. As I uttered those few words, the hurt face was replaced with a slightly happy one.
"So...are you ready now or...or I should wait for you?" Was that nervousness I heard in his voice or what? And why did his voice flatten when he said 'wait for you'? Samson and his nervousness were just...different. But to be factual, I liked that he was nervous around me. It made him look cute and me, the boss!
"I'm ready." I shrugged. "Let's go." He smiled broadly.
I waved at Susan as me and Samson walked pass her. I also told her to tell Tracy to leave with the driver that I was busy at the moment and might return home late. But I made a mental note to call my parent that I'd extra classes and was preparing for a competition.
We walked in comfortable silence, side by side. I was getting tired already. I'd never walked a long distance in my life, so this was way too new and stressful for me. My legs were hurting already.
"Why don't we board a bus or flag a bike to your house? I'm exhausted already."
He chuckled lightly before shyly saying: "I'm broke at the moment, sorry about that."
I sighed exasperatedly. "So you mean we are gonna walk till we reach your house?! I can't oh. "
He raked his short afro embarrassedly. "Er...okay look, you have any money on you? I promise to refund you the money."
"Yeah, I do."
"Great! So like how much?"
"Enough to get us to your place." A frown masked his face, but he unmasked it immediately.
"Okay then. My house is not so far from here, so we are gonna flag a bike."
"Together?! On the same bike?"
"Er, yes?" He cocked an eyebrow, probably wondering why I made a fuss out of it.
"No way. We flag different bikes."
He paused for a while, before opening his mouth to speak. "Okay. If you say so." He shrugged.
I heaved out a 'thank you'. And so we stopped two bikes and climbed on it before speeding of to his house. Before we left, he already told the bike man that was taking me to follow his own bike, which left me behind him.
We finally arrived at his street, which I found out the name was AKINDELE STREET. I paid the both bike men and they left.
Every step I took as I walked to his house, was like my legs got infected from the dirt that surrounded the area. You don't want me telling you how the environment smelled, because you would just throw up at the instant. It was beyond unpleasant. Despite the fact that I was covering my nose to avoid the smell, it felt as though I didn't even cover it. The smell was unbearable.
I couldn't help but say. "Is this where you stay? 'Cause it's disgusting!" I was damn irritated!
* * * *
That's a rap for this chapter. I could have written
more but I didn't want you guys complaining that it
was too long, so I had to stop.
So how was the chapter? Hope it wasn't boring.
What was your favourite part?
Lest I forget, Anita said I should ask you guys
what you think about her and also to describe her
in the best way you can. She wants your replies oh
or she wouldn't update again. Lol. Just kidding.
But she desperately want your replies.

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