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Monday, 22 October 2018


"Really Anita, Really?" Susan sounded quite annoyed.
"What?" I chuckled.
"Gist us!" They both bawled.
"More like it." I smirked triumphantly. "Anyways, it was quite an experience. Wait, did I gist you guys on our first encounter in my house?" Don't be surprised guys, I was quite the serious type but that doesn't mean I was boring.
"You don't say!" Ola exclaimed.
"I do say. It was..."
"Wait!" Susan cut me off. "Are you trying to say that yesterday you studied in his house?!" Her eyes were wide opened.
"I guess you read a lot of meaning to that. Well, yes!" I smiled at them.
"Oh. My. God!" They both squealed. "Are you like being serious right now?!" Ola gushed like a sissy.
"Do you want me to be jesting?" I was surprised at their sudden excitement. Mostly Ola's. Just because of a guy?
"Wow. This is...exciting." Susan exhaled.
"What's exciting!" Wale interrupted with a smug smirk on his supposed handsome face. Don't get me wrong, he had a handsome face but I didn't see it that way neither did I see it as ugly.
I rolled my eyes at his presence. "Do you mind?"
"Nope, I don't mind." He took a seat beside me, making his body gum to mine. I then adjusted so that there would be enough space in between us.
"What do you want?"
As he said that, a low groan escaped Susan and Ola's mouth. They probably didn't make it loud 'cause literally everyone in the class were afraid of him except for me. I presume you all know the reason.
"That aside, what were you girls gisting about?" Wale continued to talk.
"Duh..." Ola waved at him, girlishly. "I'm a guy." He stated matter of factly.
"Oh. So you're a guy? I didn't know o. I thought you were a fag!" He then burst out in a rage of laughter.
I looked at Ola and the look on his face was anything but happy. He looked so hurt and instantly, I pitied him.
"Can you please get out!" I said to Wale, which made his laughter die down.
"I should go?" He frowned at me.
"You heard right." I rolled my eyes unapologetically and pouted my lips.
"Fine!" He stood up and hit the desk hard, making all of us jolt. "Anita, remember my proposal." He said before storming out.
"Or what?" I muttered.
There was silence in the air. The three of us stayed mute for a while before I decided the break the discomforting silence. "Just the perfect way to ruin our fun." I found myself saying. "Ola, are you all right?" I wanted to retrieve him to earth. I sure as hell knew that after Wale had called him a fag, he wasn't himself anymore.
He took a peek at me. "Sure. Why?"
"Uhm...never mind. Since you say you're all right, then it's fine."
"Because he called me a fag?" He said seriously. "I've gotten more than that." This was the first time Ola was this serious. I bet it really got to him and I pitied him.
"Ola," I held his palm. "Don't let whatever anyone tell you get to you. You are who you are and no one can change that, asides from you." I said in a suiting manner.

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