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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Samson's POV
Any adjective worse than embarrassment would be a better word to describe how I felt. Her question made me abash. I didn't know if to reply or just keep mute. But wasn't it obvious that this was the street I lived in? Or she just felt the need to embarrass me.
"Er..." I bit my lower lip. "Yeah, this is my street." I shamefully said.
"Oh...Kay." I knew she was disappointed and also, felt uncomforted because how tattered the place was. But what could I do? This was my life and I couldn't change it just yet. I needed to work hard to change my current situation. As a matter of fact, I also didn't like where I stayed.
She kept on covering her nose as we walked pass the houses in the street. Mine was at the far end of the street. However, we were kinda close.
" You dey cover your nose abi? " A man that looked like smoking was his second nature said to Anita, earning a scorn look from her.
" No na, our place dey smell, na why you dey close
nose. No worry, we go soon clean everywhere. " A vile look was given to him by Anita. I for one wasn't so comfortable with what was happening at the moment. I didn't like the way Anita was looking at the man. I mean, he was a smoker and if he notices the look Anita was giving him, anything could happen and me, I wasn't much of a fighter, especially with an Agbero .
I held Anita's hand and drew her away from his presence, instantly.
As we got to my apartment, Temi and some other of my friends came to meet me obviously because of a girl was with me. They had never come to meet me before when I returned from school. They only greeted me from wherever they were, but today, the case was different.
They started jabbering, making me throw daggers at them. They were literally embarrassing me, and I didn't like it. Technically after today, she would never want to step her feet here again.
"Okay guys, guys! Please just go home." I was offended at their display of immaturity.
"Guy, chill! Is it because of this babe you are sending us away?" Temi, my childhood and best friend, said with an annoying smirk on his face. He then turned to Anita and winked at her. Could this even get worse?
As he winked at her, she feigned a smile at him. I knew it was fake! From what I knew, Anita feigned smile a lot, especially with guys. But why? I mean, girls loved when guys were all over them.
"Guy how far n a? You will not introduce us to your new babe?" Gbenga, a friend of mine, said.
"Leave him. He has dump Zainab for this beautiful fish." Another of my friend said, wiggling his eyebrows at Anita.
I was fuming up already. Apparently, their motive of coming to me was just to embarrass me in front of Anita and they were succeeding.
"Hmm..." Anita cleared her throat. "Uhm Samson, can we go in already? We need to study." I knew she was seething but was just suppressing it.

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