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Friday, 5 October 2018


Melody’s POV
“Mel! You wouldn’t believe what just happened” Temi said excitedly “What?” I asked “Yeah what is it?” Jasmine added “Damien asked me to be his girlfriend” “Really? And did you say yes” “Of course I did say yes’ cause I like him and he also feels the same” “I’m happy for you and this might not be the right time to say this but I also like Robert” Jasmine said shyly “What do you mean by this isn’t the right time to say it, it’s the best time to say it” I said happily “So….Melody when are you going to find your prince charming?” Temi asked teasingly “Welllll…. Not so soon” “What are you saying Melody? I thought you liked Jason” Jasmine asked as she furrowed her eyebrows at me “Ssshh….Jasmine….His locker is at the other end and he might hear us” I whispered at her “Well it’s settled you officially like Jason” Temi concluded “I don’t… I used to but now not anymore” “So you admitted it” Jasmine smiled “I have a class now, see you later” I waved at the and went straight to class. Do I still have feelings for Jason?
Before I could think of something else I hit something really hard it felt like I hit a guy’s chest “I’m sorry” yup it was a guy I looked up and I saw Jason, his icy blue eyes met mine and I looked down “It’s Okay” I said and I walked away
Stupid, stupid me.

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