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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Freddy's POV
"Do you think she likes me?" I asked Jason after explaining I and Jessica's three minute conversation.
"I'm not sure,but maybe you should ask her" Jason said he really doesn't know how to talk to the ladies.
"No wonder Betty broke up with you, you're not anyone's type" I said
"I actually broke up with her and what do you mean I'm not anyone's type?".
"You tell me to ask a girl I like if she also feels the same?" I said as I eat a my Brownie.
"Look over there, Betty is going to Jasmine's table" Jason said with surprise.
"What do you think she's going to do to them?" I asked with excitement , I love it when girls fight .
"I don't know but it looks like she's talking to Melody and Melody's talking back to her...Wait she's standing up, jasmine and Temi are following her-"
"I can also see you know" I rolled my eyes at Jason.
"She's doesn't look like the crazy Betty I know she looks like I'm going to have REVENGE Betty" Jason said
What's the difference
"I'm going to ask Melody,i'll catch up with her". I said as I stood up while Jason stayed behind, luckily I still have like 10 minutes till lunch is over.
"Wait up Melody!" I yelled as I ran to her, she turned to look at me with surprise while her friends stood there watching me.
I could have sworn that they were going to run away any minute.
"Freddy?" She asked
"What did you say to Betty that made her angry?"
"And why should you know?" She asked
"Because if you don't tell me I'm going to tell Jason you have a crush on him". I said as I crossed my arms to my chest
"You thought I didn't notice, you look at Jason every minute only if he's looking elsewhere"
"How did you know....I mean why would you say that?"
"It doesn't matter, just tell me what happene"
"Fine but don't tell anyone not even Jason". "Okay I won't"
She told me all what Betty said about getting back at Jason and how she talked back to her.
"You promise not to tell anyone?"
"I promise but on one condition"
"Anything mention it" she said "You are going to find out if Jessica likes me but she mustn't know about it"
"Really? Of all girls in this school you like Jessica?"
"Just find out" I said leaving Melody and her friends confused.
"What did Melody say to Betty?" Jason asked as I had my sit.
"She was just asking why she didn't come to her party" I lied.
Hope you loved Freddy's point of view

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