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Sunday, 14 October 2018


Grandma- Kris jenner
Melody's POV
Today's a Saturday and I literally have nothing to do, I'm done with my home work. I see my mother and my grandma talking to each other.
I haven't introduced my mom or my Grandma to you...well...
My mom is one of the best single mother I could wish for,
but the downside is that she wants me to get married to Paul Walker and I don't have the heart to tell her he's dead
I'm a good daughter, I'll just wait for her to find out...
And there's my grandma, she's also a single mom or should I say single grandma...
She was there for my mom when she was going through her divorce...
She actually wishes I would date Justin Bieber but as a good granddaughter I don't have the heart to tell her he's engaged.
"Morning mom, Morning grandma" I said as I pulled them in for a hug,
"How's my little potato doing this morning?" My grandma asked as she pulled my cheek.
I'm a Potato?...I love Potatoes...That means I have to eat my self...I wonder what I would taste like if I'm boiled?
"I'm fine grandma, so what are we eating for breakfast?"
I asked rubbing my tummy.
"Your favorite Chicken sandwiches and pineapple juice awaits for you in the kitchen"
My grandma said smiling
I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed my breakfast from the counter, I placed it on the dining table and looked at it.
This is gonna be the best break fast of all breakfasting history.
I did this chapter so you could get to know more about Melody's mom and her grandmother.

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