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Friday, 26 October 2018


Melody's POV
Do you ever get this feeling where the whole world is about to end and you have to listen to your grandma talk about how she beat up a guy that stole her purse in 1976?
Well...I'm in that situation ,except from the world ending...
Ding dong ...the door bell rings
"I'll get it" I yell as I stand up from my sitting position
I opened the door and the next thing I know Jasmine hugs me and Temi just taps my back and smile.
"What are you doing here?" I say as I release the hug
"Well you told us your grandma is around so we came to see her" Jasmine says
"I just told you she was here for visiting not to see poeple" I said
"That's the exact same thing I told her" Temi says and rolls her eyes
"I love it when I see old people" Jasmine says
"Welcome to hell...she's gonna keep on talking about her whole life why don't you join me?" I say directing my hands to the living room
"Sure!" They both say smiling
Grandma this is Temi and Jasmine by two best friends
"I thought it was close friends" Temi cuts in
"Nice to meet you young ladies"
"It's nice to meet you too Mrs Hart" Jasmine says
"You can call me Callisa"
Wait....I'm not allowed to call my grandma by her name and she telling two strangers to call her Callisa???
"Oh okay Callisa can you tell us abou your life?" Temi says smirking at me I give her a small glare
"Of course yes why don't you sit down"
We all have our sits and my grandma starts talking
"I was born in 1956.......

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