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Monday, 1 October 2018


They had been back for almost a week but Lucas could confirm that Freddie loved it here. He had made friends with the twins from next door, with the cook Camilla and with his nanny, Mathilda. Yesterday they had gone to enroll him in school despite it being middle of school year and Freddie had charmed his way into a few classmates hearts with his friendly aura and Lucas had been impressed. His initial fear that Freddie may not like it here being squashed out instantly.
Work to rebrand the company's image and full their pockets had started in earnest at the company with him meeting new prospective clients and interested shareholders. Right now, he was waiting for a new client, Mr. Priye Archibong, who had shown interest in the petrochemical business option he was in charge of.
Tentatively, he sipped his white wine as he scrolled through his pad searching online for the latest gossip albeit admitting quite frankly to himself that he wanted to find a story on his ex. She was a rich woman when they got divorced which should at least earn her a comment in the elite section but was greatly surprised and then disappointed when he found nothing on her. There were a few stories about her family though, living the life but then again during their married life, her family had always been more popular than her as she always hated being in the spotlight.
"I apologize for my tardiness. My previous engagement lasted longer than I expected," intoned a potbellied man coming to stand in front of him.
Lucas looked up in inquiry at the man before standing up.
"It's no problem at all, Mr. Archibong. I have a history of being overly punctual to events," he replied, stretching out his arm for a handshake.
Mr. Archibong accepted it with a smile and Lucas almost grimaced as a whiff of strong perfume hit his nose. The man had gone to see his mistress prior to coming. A disgusting character of the rich and sophisticated, Lucas mused.
"You can have a seat, sir." He invited, sitting back down.
"Thank you," the man replied making himself comfortable.
"This restaurant you recommended is quite lovely. I'm glad Lagos has improved in terms of hospitality," he commented, while glancing around the restaurant as if just seeing it.
His guest smiled looking around too. "Yes, it is. And Lagos has more potentials for the hospitality business if only some people would care to add their interest," he said slyly, hoping the billionaire would catch his meaning.
A waiter approached their table then and they made their orders before handing back the menu.
After the waiter had walked away, Lucas started off with the purpose of this lunch meeting.
"I must commend you for seeing the potential in this venture and offering your part in it. Frankly, I didn't expect the support after my dramatic disappearance five years ago."
The older man smiled at the memory. "It was a tough time for you, with your friend's betrayal, your infamous cheating scandal and your sudden divorce. It's a wonder you're still standing strong."
He grimaced at the man's words, his deep strong jaw set in a hard line. "Perhaps it all happened for a reason. Most people were opposed to my impulsive decisions back then, being younger than most CEOs."
The waiter arrived with their meal at that moment. Lucas had ordered a Caesar salad while Mr. Archibong had ordered steak with sauce. A red wine came with the meal courtesy of the billionaire to cement his new partnership.
Mr. Archibong continued after the waiter had left.
"You were barely a man, handling so much responsibilities. The betrayal comes with every business, the scandal is a scent attached to every successful young and handsome man. The divorce is merely the outcome of not managing your affairs better." He burst out laughing raucously at that.

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