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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


The billionaire pursed his lips, reviewing the thought carefully.
"I heard you're staying in Lagos for the meantime, to oversee the production process before you leave?" Questioned the older man furiously cutting into his steak.
Lucas refrained from laughing at the action, as he took a bite of his salad. "Actually I've decided to stay longer, even after production has fully begun. I may have other business proposals to look into instead of petroleum."
Mr. Archibong nodded at that information. "It would be a good idea for you to stick around for a while. I have contacts who might be willing to partner with you on various business plans.
"If the famous Caspian-Asiegbu is in town for good, he should invite the elite out for dinner. At his house, and a private event will be most welcoming."
He nodded, deep in thought. "I heard it's quite customary among the elites to have a house warming party once you move into the neighborhood."
Mr. Archibong smiled broadly at that. "The sooner, the better, young man. A house warming party is just the sort of thing needed to introduce you back into the society."
A knock sounded at the door just as Sara was finishing lunch. Juliet her next door neighbor only sort her out in the morning during school runs or in the evenings after work for gist and gossips, so she ruled her out. She rarely had any friends who visited and her family were too content living in the family house and squandering her funds to bother about her living space.
Quickly, she stood up from her chair and went to drop her dishes in the sink. The doorbell was at the third ring by the time she reached it. Opening it, she was quite surprised to find Jeremy standing at the door, looking smug and smiling brightly at her.
"Jeremy, it's a surprise. I wasn't expecting you," she intoned clearly, barely hiding her astonishment.
"I know, right. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting it too but what can I do?" He asked rhetorically moving to go stand in center of the living room admiring the place again.
Her whole house was a self-contained apartment with a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. The walls were painted mauve with alternations of light purple in the room. The heavy brown iron door opened into her living room which had three olive green sofas placed almost im a circle around a tinted round glass table. The LED television hung on the east side of the room with mini speakers. A fridge, a mini dinning table with two chairs, and a painting of various types of fruit occupied the western part.
Straight ahead was the door that opened to her kitchen on the left and her bedroom further down to the right. Her bedroom consisted of a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room, a bedside table with lamp to the left, an inbuilt wardrobe that housed all her clothes and few shoes to the right. Adjoining the wardrobe was a full-length mirror and a drawer underneath which housed her feminine necessities. Most of her shoes lined the top of her wardrobe as she loved shoes and had a kinspirit who appreciated her obsession. A connecting door opposite her bed led to the fully tiled bathroom with the stand-in shower and toilet being separated by a shower curtain. The apartment was spacious and she loved it as it was her escape. From her family, from her past, from everything and everyone. Except of course, her neighbor. Even a bulldozer couldn't keep Jules away.
Sara closed the door to come sit on one of the sofas offering him one also. He obliged her. "You weren't expecting what?"
"A chance to become a millionaire overnight." He looked at her before amending, "Maybe not a millionaire but at least get my big break this easily."

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