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Friday, 5 October 2018


She was confused and did nothing to hide it. "I'm confused."
"Don't be," he consoled, smiling at her. "What I'm trying to say is that I've found a way to get out from under my father's shadows and it's all thanks to Mr. Donald.
"He told me by way of confidentially that his client, the one we handled his house two weeks ago is throwing a house warming party and we are invited."
She frowned at that. "We are? I mean, did the client invite us because he liked our work?"
Jeremy looked lost but quickly masked it. "Not exactly. I mean he hired Mr. Donald of course but since we did the work, we can introduce ourselves. From what I know, he's a billionaire. He's swimming in money and wealth and contacts and he's having a party. Do you know what that means?"
She shrugged moving to go get him a drink from the fridge. "That we shouldn't gate crash a party?"
"No," he deadpanned before eyeing her. "It means we can make our mark tonight. Imagine it, every important person ever is going to be there to welcome him to this city. They'll be clamoring around him tonight and we too can clamor with them."
She handed him a glass of juice and sighed audibly in doubt. "I don't know, Jeremy. I've never been one to go uninvited to a party. It never ends well."
"Don't be a chicken, Sara. It's all for a good cause. Imagine how high we'll be on that social ladder if we manage to pull it off. We're starting a partnership and my partner cannot be afraid to take risks. It's the mark of a true businessman," he stated proudly, beaming at her.
She weighed the option and agreed that he was right. Waiting for rich customers to find them would take forever. They needed at least five of this particular client to really stand out in the decorations market and this party would definitely give them that. If Jeremy plan was to go over his father and Mr. Donald, then she had to help him. He always stood up for her, having her best interests at heart. She would still be living at her family house, receiving insults daily if it weren't for him. This was her time to prove her worth as a friend.
"What are you thinking about?" came Jeremy's loud voice, startling her out of her thoughts.
She eyed him now, scratching through her braids, deep in thought. "What's his name? We need to know who we're dealing with before we actually go there."
He shrugged in disinterest. "I have no idea. Like I said Mr. Donald is keeping him anonymous for reasons I know nothing about and that's why I don't want to continue working with him. But don't worry Sara, it doesn't matter. We will still get what we came for tonight."
She nodded wondering about Mr. Donald's actions. That is until her mind picked up on his words.
"Tonight? You said tonight?"
He chuckled at her bewildered expression. "Yes, and it's by 8. So that leaves barely two hours to get ready."
Alarmed, she scrambled from her seat and practically ran to her room. "I don't know what to wear!"
He chuckled again at that. "I kind of knew that would be your response, so don't worry. I got that covered," he announced, moving towards to the door, with a perplexed Sara at his heels.
Two hours later and draped in a V-necked mermaid blue gown that flayed at the bottom and highlighted her caramel skin with matching silver straps and clutch, Sara still felt uneasy at attending this party. Not knowing whose party it was kept her on edge.
All her life, she had always been one to have a well laid out plan reviewed thoroughly before stepping out of her door. That is until she met him and was swept into the impulsive whims and whirlwind romance he was known for. It irritated her to no end whenever he ruined her plans with his but they had learnt to compromise and that was one of the foundations of their marriage, their ability to fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. But that had been five years ago and she had retreated back into her shell the minute he was out of her life.
Nervously, she glanced out the window of Jeremy's jeep at the passing landscape, wondering why she was this nervous. It probably had something to do with the fact that she hadn't stepped into the elite circle since her divorce. Parties were a must when she was married. At first, she had detested it but soon enough warmed up to it, enjoying herself immensely with her charming husband by her side who took her happiness upon himself. Those were good times she admitted, smiling at the memory. But today was going to be different. He wouldn't be here today to calm her nerves or coax her into having a good time and then she frowned at the thought. They were here on a business date, not to enjoy herself. Besides since they were gate crashing, it would be better to not draw attention to herself.
The car pulled up into the driveway of the massive house and Sara smiled impressed at the memory of furnishing this house.
"We're here, Sara," Jeremy replied, climbing down from the jeep.
A valet opened her door and helped her climb down, smiling politely at her. She smiled back, blushing. He rounded the car to her side and linked his arms with hers.
Nodding at her, he said. "Let's go make our millions, Sara."
There's a party going on and it's about to go down! (giggles nervously)
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