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Sunday, 7 October 2018


The party was already in full swing by the time they arrived. People mingled easily holding a glass of champagne or wine, laughing delicately for the ladies or boisterously for the gents or talking shop for the business-minded.
Jeremy had taken her with him to mingle with a few people up the ladder that they had met before, but seeing how nervous she was, he had left her to retreat to her shell while he moved around on his own to talk to prospective clients.
While wandering about, she had noticed some of the waitress wore a pin that had the obvious logo of 'CAPPEL' inscribed on it. She had barely spared it a glance, telling herself that there was no way
he would be back in town and she wouldn't know. He was far too important for people not to have said anything.
Now, she was standing in the company of four single ladies gossiping about the handsome men present at the party. Most had already been in relationships with half the men here so took their time dissecting each man's flaws. It beat her imagination why she was in their midst but they were the only group in the party that didn't look at her twice immediately she joined them.
"I'm not particularly fond of Charles. He's a big gambler and a chronic womanizer but he's good in bed if you're looking for fun," said one of the girls who was called Vivy, breaking into her thoughts.
The others, Bella, Ivory, and Shanelle laughed at her comment. It was obvious they belonged to some sort of clique. Vivy or Vivica, however, was Ivory's younger sister.
"I swear I thought he was serious when he asked me out but I soon realized it was all for fun. Despite it, I can honestly say it was worth it. Money wise obviously," Shanelle replied, causing a giggle to erupt from the group.
"Tayo isn't bad, even his cousin Lolu. They aren't good in bed, but Lolu can treat you like the queen you deserve to be," Ivory said, turning the tide of the discussion to two guys who resembled somewhat. Both tall, both handsome and definitely rich, Sara decided.
"Wait, you slept with the two?" quizzed Vivy in an incredulous tone. They all stared at Ivory, who blushed furiously and another giggle escaped their lips. Even Sara was shocked at the revelation.
Then they fell silent, scanning the crowd for their past conquests.
"Girls, I know you said it's quite impossible and I might be wasting my time, but I'm still stuck on Lucas Caspian-Asiegbu. I mean that guy is hot!" Bella exclaimed suddenly and the girls stared at her dreamily.
"He's gorgeous!"
"And stinking rich!"
"And super single!"
Stunned, Sara could only listen in shock as the girls discussed him.
"He isn't that unattainable. I mean if you can bribe your way into his schedule. Abuja girls has probably had their fill of him for five years. It's our turn now," Shanelle said.
"I heard he's staying for a long time in Lagos. My dad said this house is on a five year lease," Ivory, obviously the leader of the group stated.
"Which means more time to catch him. I wonder how good in bed he is?" asked Bella casting a glance around "Do you know Sara?"
Caught off-guard, Sara stumbled over her words. "H-he's good. He should be, I mean he's rich, right?"
They shrugged, mulling over her response.
"Well, not always but Lucas should be. You're right," Vivy replied, gracing her with a heartfelt smile.
"I should probably start this night once he gets here. He's being awfully late for someone who invited people to his house," Bella pouted, looking annoyed.

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