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Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Sara choked on that. "His house?" The question came out as a whisper, her mind turning like the cogs of a machine, reminding her about the logo of the company she had seen earlier.
Shanelle heard it and replied. "Yeah, his house. It's his house warming party. Although I really have no idea why he was being all secretive and anonymous about it."
"My dad said it's CAPPELs protocol. Lucas suddenly isn't 'big' on being in the spotlight," Ivory added, scoffing.
The girls continued their tales, oblivious to Sara's pale face.
Suddenly, Sara knew why she had been nervous about coming to this party. It was a very bad idea from the get go. She didn't have it in her to meet him anytime soon, and definitely not at his party, not even for the sake of the business. She would let Jeremy handle it as he was good with human relations. With her mind made up, she excused herself to go find Jeremy. They had to leave, or at least she had to. She couldn't meet him, not today as she wasn't ready. She didn't even know if she would ever be ready.
Blindly, she cut through various groups to get to the other side of the massive room where Jeremy was, only to pause mid strides as a deep baritone she was familiar with chilled her to the bones with a laugh.
He was really here! A few meters behind her but still too close for comfort. She could recognize that voice anywhere. Torn between her mission and her curiosity, Sara willed herself to stay where she was.
"I apologize for my tardiness. I've been gone for quite a while to forget what Lagos traffic is like. Abuja truly is better. No offence," Lucas joked as he explained to a group of people who were a few meters behind her.
"I must admit, we thought it rude that you would be late to your own party," A man said and a few murmurs agreed with him.
Lucas smiled tight lipped. "I had to drop off my son at his aunts' for the evening. He would have been bored out of his mind at this party," he replied in a tone that suggested he wanted to be in his son's shoes right now.
The group chuckled at his comment with the smile still plastered on his face. His eyes darted around the room, taking in faces of various famous people at the party.
"Forgive this ridiculous fool for keeping everyone waiting. I erroneously thought that since it is my house and my party, it should be my rules too!" His voice rang out loud and clear to all in the room. Laughter boomed all around at his sarcastic comment.
When the noise went down, he raised a glass in the air for toast.
"Please, everyone, Thank you for being here. CAPPEL and I appreciate this, trully. I am honored that the elites of this great city opened their welcoming hands to me."
"Hear, hear!" boomed the first man with a wide grin.
Sara accepted the glass of champagne as the waiter moved near her. Anxiously she drained the glass in one gulp, scanning the crowd for Jeremy and at the same time, making sure she stayed under Lucas's radar. With quick strides, she marched off towards the other end of the room where Jeremy was laughing so hard at a joke told by his companion. She didn't pay attention to where she was going until she bumped into a hard chest. She merely gave it a thought, mumbling an 'excuse me' and attempted to sidestep the obstacle until a vice grip stopped her march. Whirling around knocked out the breath in her as her eyes collided with a familiar pair of hazel brown eyes. She gulped and swallowed hard. His eyes narrowed instinctively at her presence.
For a second, the world paused on its axis, both of them breathing hard. He looked shocked to see her, she looked bewildered that he was standing right in front of her. Neither spoke a word, nor attempted to move away.

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