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Thursday, 11 October 2018


"Lucas!" called a shrill feminine voice from behind him, cutting through the frozen atmosphere like a whip. "You promised me a personal tour of the house," she reminded, walking up to him.
Sara's lips turned up in a derisive manner, obviously being knocked out of her daze by the sentence.
Lucas's streamlined black brows furrowed at her action and he let his grip loosen, momentarily distracted by the voice. He turned to address the woman, looking away from her.
Taking it as her cue, Sara slipped her arm from his grip and turned away to go find Jeremy. Jeremy saw her coming and excused himself from his group. They met each other halfway.
"We need to leave now, Jeremy," she blurted out, sounding worried.
Jeremy narrowed his eyes at her. "What do you mean we have to leave now, Sara? We just got here. I've barely talked to three prospective clients and we need at least five. This would have gone so much easier if I had you to rely on," he stated with derision.
She didn't have a reply for that. Not at the moment at least. All she knew was that she had to get out of this house immediately.
Desperately she grabbed his arm. "I know you're angry with me, Jeremy and you have every right to be, but this is not the moment. We have to get out of this place right now!" She whispered fiercely.
Jeremy was unyielding. "I have a company depending on me and I won't let you ruin it for me!"
Sara realized immediately that she was on her own. Jeremy would not bulge and she would be toast once Lucas finds her again considering the nature of her invite her. Glancing quickly for the nearest exit, she made a dash for it.
"Going so soon, Miss Amadi? Why, the party just started." Lucas's deep baritone stilled her movements. For the second time that evening, she turned to look into his eyes. He was in a tux, the expensive material fitted to his muscular lean frame, and his curly afro hair was trimmed to its barest minimum. He looked handsome, sexy even. He had that same look as before and Sara foreknew it was not for a good reason.
"Yes, I don't feel so good," she mumbled, avoiding his gaze. If there was one thing he was good at, it was catching her deadbeat in a lie just by holding her gaze.
"You don't?" He queried, sounding quite concerned. "I suppose it comes with the nature of your invite here."
"What?" Sara was clueless as to the point of his query.
He pursed his lips, studying her. "I mean, sneaking into parties and events such as this must really take a toll on your health, doesn't it?"
A gasp escaped her lips but she kept mum.
"You know, I took out my time to invite the elite of this city but to my utmost shock, your name didn't come up anywhere. No one knew who you were or that you exist and I didn't bother to invite anyone not on that list." He informed, his eyes locked on her.
He cleared his throat and directed his gaze to a few people behind her. "Do you not find it disrespectful for a guest to sneak out of your party without informing you," he paused deliberately when he realized the small crowd around them was tuned in on their discussion.
With a smirk, he continued. "Especially when said guest was not invited. I'd say you make me look like a fool for printing out invites in the first place."
A loud gasp went around her and Sara felt like the ground should open and swallow her up right now. It was unfair that after everything, he still had the upper hand.
Willing herself to stay strong against the insult, she replied. "I'm sorry for showing up here uninvited. I assure you I have good intentions."
He scoffed at that. "Good intentions? Please. If you wanted to come, all you had to do was give me a call but then again it doesn't mean I'll still invite you. Truthfully your money should get you into anywhere you like without the hassle of sneaking in."
Sara willed herself not to get angry at him. He was making a mountain out of a molehill.
"I believe I already apologized for that. Now, if you don't mind, I'll like to leave or do I need your permission for that too?"
She watched as his eyes narrowed dangerously, an indication that he found her words insulting.
"Oh no. Not at all. You found your way in without my help, I'm positive you don't need it on your way out," he replied, adjusting his cuffs, still smirking at her.
Sara nodded, happy the whole embarrassing situation was over. She walked past him towards the door only to hear him say to her back.
"You mentioned you were not feeling too well. I couldn't help but wonder, is it the champagne or the caviar? To the best of my knowledge, people from the slums don't know what it is and are not used to them. Perhaps that's why you're feeling unwell."
Sara paused in between strides, not bothering to look at him. She knew this insult stemmed from that case from five years ago that caused her to lose an important part of her life. A lone tear slid down her face at the memory but she quickly wiped it away. It was a low jab, she reflected but she supposed he had enough reason to hate her.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, Miss Amadi, was the purpose of this 'childish' behavior to humiliate me because we have a history?" He quizzed, scowling at her back.
He was taunting her, seeking ways to humiliate her further. It meant old wounds still ran deep, unhealed. She turned to stare at him.
"You're wrong if you think this is a personal vendetta. It would be most cruel of me to welcome you to this city with evil intentions," she replied, challenging him with her glare. He had already disgraced her, there wasn't anything more he could do to her.
She was proven wrong instantly.
"I find it hard to believe judging by the simple fact that the Amadi's are the 'gold-diggers' of the Lagos society just so they can continue to live like kings. Your family has the reputation of unparrelled success in swindling the elites of this lovely city. Should I mention your sister, Tonya or perhaps your mother? I heard she's made herself the Dame of the club by being friends with the Senator."
A gasp went around again, this time more people had tuned in on the exchange. Suddenly, murmurs started to rise as people tried to verify the news.
A sob choked Sara and she swung her palm and landed it on his cheek. She stared at him in incredulity, as foolish tears slid down her face. Despite his words, his face was blank, not mocking but more of disbelief over what he might have heard about her and her family.
"You know nothing about my family!" She blurted out and whirled around, running out of the house.
Lucas closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh to calm his blood down before he adjusted his collar. Turning to face the crowd, he addressed them.
"I believe my manners are ludicrous and I blame it on the champagne. Good stuff, I tell 'ya'," he mimicked the Texan accent, causing a loud laugh around the room. "So be careful of the champagne. Don't drink too much of it as we don't want a repeat of what just happened."
The crowd laughed gaily again as he gingerly excused himself, allowing his right-hand man, James Duran, to take over.
I love drama! (Squeals) Seriously, they could have had that reunion on a different note and occasion but I couldn't avoid the temptation.
Fact: CAPPEL is the name of Lucas's company .
It's an acronym, actually. Don't worry, you'll find out what it means later.
Tell me what you think of this chapter in the comment section.

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