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Monday, 15 October 2018


"Forgive my curiosity but I couldn't help overhearing him say you two have a history. I randomly assumed you were one of his women." He chuckled dryly.
Sara frowned at him. He was obviously fishing for information about her and her relation to Lucas and she cringed at the fact that she was allowing him.
"Yes, we have a history together but I'm not one of his women. At least not in that sense. It was more of a mutual arrangement." She shivered slightly as a cold wind blew across. One of the peculiarities of the harmattan season was hot, scorching sun during the day and cold, bone-chilling winds during the nights.
He noticed her discomfort immediately. "I suppose you are getting cold. I myself am bored with the party. Not my usual sport, if I must say. I'm merely asking if you might be needing a ride out of the estate."
He was being friendly for a complete stranger and that had Sara's antenna clicking. He was after something and the curiosity gripped her instantly. Nodding at his offer, she replied.
"I will be needing that ride. My date seems pretty occupied and I'll rather be in my bed sleeping than in the garden of my enemy. Who knows what he'll do if he finds me here?"
They both laughed gaily at the memory. "Definitely worse than what he did inside, that's for sure," he commented, clasping her hands in his elbows like a gentleman.
Together they strolled round the house till they reached the car park. There were at least forty cars there, all new, classic and expensive and all screaming out at the importance of the people inside. Perks of being rich, Sara mused while she waited for Donald to drive towards where she stood waiting.
Soon, a black Toyota Prius pulled up in front of where she stood and she couldn't help admiring the sleek car. She reluctantly climbed in after a thorough look.
"You like it?" Donald asked, as he drove out of the compound.
She nodded, loving the smell of leather covering the interior of the car. It was obviously a new car. "It's beautiful. Toyota cars have a uniqueness to them."
He beamed at her comment. "I thought so too, that's why I knew I had to get this one the moment I saw it in the shop."
They elapsed into silence, each deep in thought until her curiosity gripped her firmly.
"If you were invited to the party, I suppose that means you're a business client or a member of the elite society."
He angled his head, deep in thought. "Not really. My family is well to do but we can't afford to rub shoulders with the likes of these people. I, on the other hand, am lucky enough to do so because I work for the man himself."
She was surprised. "You work for Lucas, really? But didn't he just get back into town?"
He glanced briefly at her, noting her response but he continued driving.
"Yeah, he did. Two weeks ago, actually. You see, Mr. Martin used to be in charge of everything while Mr. Lucas ran the company from Abuja office. But Mr. Martin had to go to Port Harcourt because of family issues and Mr. Lucas returned to take over reins of the company just last week."
"Oh," was her reply, processing the information. He just got back barely two weeks ago and had chosen to remain anonymous for reasons best known to him. But she supposed this party would definitely set him in the front page of every entertainment and news channel by tomorrow. She could already imagine the caption: 'billionaire playboy back in town after a five year hiatus' she assumed his reputation still precedes him.
"You don't know me, do you?" asked Donald in an amused tone, now looking at her since they were at a red light.
Sara's brows furrowed in thought. "Not really. Should I?"
He chuckled at that. "You should probably fire your boss. He's not doing a very good job," he joked.
The sarcasm was lost on Sara until suddenly the name clicked.
"You're Mr. Donalds! You helped us land that contract so easily. My apologies, Jeremy didn't have the time to introduce us."
He laughed at her reaction for the second time that evening. She was a character quite alright.
"Yes, that is me. Jeremy and I were roommates back in school and when my supervisor asked for a reliable interior design company, I thought I should recommend him. It was not a good time for the company as I came to know."
Sara sighed at the memory. He was referring to Jeremy's plans to bring the company back into the limelight. "It's just a rocky road which will eventually pass."
"So, how did you know me? Jeremy said anything about me?" Her attention was piped.
He nodded. "He mentioned how you were dedicated to your work even though your family seems to be against it. According to him, your wealth alone should allow you to live very comfortable on the island but you're pretty much giving it away to your family."
When he saw her frown, he amended. "It was probably not a good idea to tell you what he had rattled off while being intoxicated."
Sara scowled before shaking her head. "It's not your fault. Jeremy helped me get my own place, he helped me get out from under my family's shadows. And he's right. My wealth alone should get me a comfortable life but my family is my priority. And it would be unfair on my part to neglect them." The wine she had drank that night was now working in her system, relaxing her.
"I see," was the quiet reply and they both elapsed into silence. Again.
He still had lot of questions about her, like how she had money but didn't belong to the elite circle, or why she would agree to work for an average company like Valiant if she knew what wealth was, or perhaps her unexplained 'history' with the billionaire playboy. He knew who she was but it would raise her suspicions if he told her that. So he'd play it by ear and act ignorant, accepting her reply when she said she wasn't one of his women. It was obvious why Lucas would fall for her if her pictures in those old magazines he saw were anything to go by. She was very beautiful, a feature that was his weakness but unfortunately he wasn't
that interested in her beauty.
He still had lot of questions about her, but he would wait. She had a good connection to Lucas, that much was certain and he knew whatever it was would greatly benefit him in the end.
Soon, he pulled into the apartment complexes on the outskirts of Lekki. Her salary at Valiant could account for this place as any apartment inside Lekki costs a fortune. He offed the car, climbed out and rushed to her side to help her with the door. She smiled at him in appreciation as she stepped out but stumbled. He was quick and caught her easily before she landed face first on the concrete road. He held her arm to steady her as they walked into the compound. It was late already, considering the traffic on the Lekki expressway, so most apartments had settled for the night. He followed her till they reached her door, just to make sure she didn't fall. Once she inserted her key in the lock, he turned to leave.
"Please, stay," she said, and then hiccupped when she realized what she had said. "I mean, you can come in for a beer or a juice if you don't mind," she rushed out quickly. She wasn't used to inviting strange men into her apartment, but Donald gave her a friendly vibe. And a free car ride.
He contemplated the idea and nodded. "I'll have that beer, thank you."
And he followed her inside.
At least there is someone who thinks our billionaire was being an idiot. Go, Donald. Tell him.
So you've met Donald. You'll still see more of him, in fact he's the precursor for half of what will happen in this novel. And he's a friend, most especially. (winks).
Fact: In Nigeria, when we say 'husband-material' we refer to someone who has roughly 7/10 of what you want in a husband. It doesn't mean
you'll marry them though but you'll definitely encourage your friends to date him. Same goes for 'wife-material'. Weird connotations if you ask me.
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