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Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Monday was a dreary day for Sara. She didn't want to come in for work. Heck, she wished she didn't have to work but dereliction of duty probably meant getting the pink-slip and she couldn't afford that.
Last Saturday night had been awful. That party, meeting Lucas, getting embarrassed and making her dramatic escape. If Donald hadn't found her when he did, she would have been stuck in that estate till she could catch a ride, seeing that Jeremy wasn't eager to leave the party just yet.
Speaking of Jeremy, she eyed the office floor and let out a breath of air when she didn't see him. She had moved her desk to sixth floor last week, immediately they finished their mansion contract to foster better working conditions. Since they were working behind old man Benson's back, Jeremy didn't want information falling into the wrong person's ears.
She adjusted her maroon knee-length gown before settling down into her chair. She pulled out a catalog, deciding to focus her mood on incorporating lovely designs for various home decors. She had been at it for barely thirty minutes when Jeremy came striding in. Unlike her, he was in a very good mood, smiling exuberantly as he walked. His gaze found hers just before he reached his office doors and he motioned for her to come see him in his office. Sara had to oblige, knowing what it was about.
He was dressed in white shirt and black trousers and sitting in his swivel chair while glancing through a magazine, his black coat hanging behind his chair when she entered. He asked her to seat, and immediately she did so, he dropped the magazine in front of her.
"This party was the talk of the town. It was supposed to be our major break in this business. Tell me why this is not so anymore?" He demanded, scowling at her. His happy mood long gone.
She flinched, before reaching for the magazine. Lucas was pictured on the front page, looking dashing as always, and memories of that awful night came crashing back.
"I'm sorry," she mumbled. There was really nothing else she could say.
Jeremy obviously wanted more as he raged. "Sorry? You're sorry? How does you being sorry help us here? I told you how important this party was to us. You knew it, and yet you take off midway leaving me to do all the work. What type of assistant are you?"
She gaped at him, judging if he had been privy to her humiliation. Half the guests witnessed that. "I had no choice but to leave. The host didn't take too kindly to having me come to his party uninvited."
He scoffed. "I don't understand women sometimes. He's barely been back in town for a month and you guys already have a history. Shouldn't you have told me this before I took you to that party?" He sneered.
Her brows lifted at his words. This man was unbelievable.
"Did you think if I knew it was his party, I would have attended? I do not enjoy humiliating myself you know. Besides all this is your fault for sneaking us into a party!" Really, all this started with him.
He shrugged, admitting ruefully that he may have behaved irrationally on Saturday. "That is all bygones now, really. Tell me, how do you know Caspian-Asiegbu? Don't tell me he's a fling. Your presence affected him a lot seeing as he left the party after that little drama with you." His eyes were alight with mischief, looking for gossip.
She admitted she didn't like him at this point. His ploy to get recognized was forcing him to throw business etiquette to the wind. She'd be damned if she let him use her again.
"It was a long time ago and we parted on a bitter note. I expected that reaction from him, and I'd have loved to not be in his airs as long as he's in this city," she explained vaguely.

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