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Sunday, 21 October 2018


Turning towards the stairs, she proceeded to climb towards it.
"You cannot keep running away from your problems, Sara. You are a smart girl, but sometimes I doubt your actions," Antonia pointed out.
Annoyed, she retorted. "They are my actions, Mother. Let me make them."
Before she erupted, she whirled around and quickly climbed up the stairs.
After a quick shower that relaxed her, Sara was left with reviewing the catalog for the new client. She wasn't sure accepting a client when the company was on the verge of a split was a good idea, she had even voiced out her thoughts to Jeremy, but the egotistical man wouldn't listen to her, claiming that everything was under control.
She was almost through with selecting designs and items to soothe each model when a knock sounded on her bedroom door.
Before she could respond, it was opened and Evelyn strolled in to come sit on her bed.
"Why did you bother knocking if you were going to come in anyway?" Sara quizzed rolling her eyes at the action.
"Because you, my sister, are a lazy bum. It would have taken you ages to invite me in," Evelyn replied, giving her a pointed look.
Sara chuckled at that. "You know that isn't true. I'm not like that."
Eve shrugged. "How should I know? Being married to a billionaire sure had its perks for you. Having a servant for practically every need."
Sara frowned deeply at the thought. "It wasn't like that when we were married. We did almost everything by ourselves, you know. But it was like being pampered at his family home. You can't even lift an arm all by yourself."
At that admission, both girls burst out laughing.
After a few minutes, everything was calm. Sara focused on her work and Eve's mind wandered around.
"You loved him a lot, didn't you?" Eve quizzed, turning to look at her.
Sara paused in her work and stared back. "I did, and that's why everything hurts so much. I just wish mom wouldn't be so quick to judge my actions."
Eve nodded. "It isn't easy, Sara. Marrying him was the best thing that ever happened to you, to us, to this family. We were stuck in debts so bad we were practically drowning in it. I had to stop school because of it. Mom was working towards getting me married to help lessen the burden and our uncles were no help just because Mom didn't have a male child."
Sara grimaced at that thought. "I didn't mind it all."
"No, you never did. School was so important to you and I couldn't bear to see you not continue. I was ready to be the scapegoat and then you became our saving grace."
"You make it sound like I married him for his money." Sara frowned at her train of thought.
"Does it matter either way?" Eve was unrepentant. "Because of school, you became friends with his friends and he noticed you. He fell for your intelligence and he married you despite the socio-economic differences. Like I said, does it matter if you married him for his money? The point here is that marrying him brought us out of our debts, it gave us wealth, and it pampered us, a little too much if I must say that I don't think we are ready to go back to where we came from, Sara," Evelyn explained, sitting up on the bed.
Sara closed her catalog and stood up from the bed to stroll to the window.
"I know, Eve. Believe me I know where you're coming from. But I already made my decision and I don't regret it. Even if I did, its five years too late, anyway." She whirled around to stare at her sister, who shook her head in disagreement.

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