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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


"It was not a decision anyone in this family agreed with and you know it. Just because you are our saving grace doesn't give you the right to whisk it all away in a heartbeat. We can never forgive you for divorcing him, Sara," Evelyn stated determinedly.
Enraged, Sara retorted sharply. "How dare you?! How dare any of you judge me or my decisions? I divorced him because I wanted to, because he hurt me. He hurt me so bad that all I wanted to do was to kill myself. You all can hate me for it but I don't care. I made a decision to save myself..."
"A selfish decision you mean?" Interrupted Antonia, strolling into the room.
Sara swallowed a sob threatening to escape from her lips. "It was not selfish..."
"It was very selfish. You didn't draw up a prenup, you didn't fight to have shares in his company, and you couldn't even be bothered to fight for maternal rights over your child at the very least! What kind of a selfish person leaves her child with her ex-husband just because he cheated on her? As if you're the first woman to be cheated on!" Antonia yelled angrily.
Sara stilled at the mention of her son. The little infant she could barely bring herself to look at. He was the spitting image of his father, the constant reminder of his betrayal. Yes, leaving him with her ex-husband was a selfish idea but she was broken and she had feared transferring the hatred she felt for him to her son. Although that was not the entire truth and her family didn't know that.
"You are ignorant, mom. It is obvious your daughter's happiness meant nothing to you as far as you continue to live in luxury. Tell me honestly, where is all the money my divorce brought to this family? I can see that all the kobo has been squandered due to your extravagant spending. Five years is what it took me to get back on my feet. Five years to move on mainly because my family had to continue living in luxury, luxury my accursed marriage pulled them into and I had to continue providing for them as my punishment.
"You're right, mom. It was a selfish decision to divorce him, to leave my son behind all because I wanted to save myself emotionally. But if I am put in that situation again, I will make the same decisions like before but this time, I won't accept a single kobo from him. At least that way, my family would have ample reasons to hate me!" She finished heatedly, wiping away furiously at the tear that had spilled.
"How dare you?!" Antonia choked, placing a delicate hand over her chest. "I am your mother, Sara. I gave birth to you, I provided for you even when your father couldn't be bothered to do so. I'm not asking you to pay me back for all those years but you should have thought about this family as well."
Sara nodded. "I'm grateful for all that, believe me, but I had to think about my emotional wellbeing at the same time as this family financial status. All I'm saying is that I'm proud I didn't sacrifice my happiness for money, mother. I will never do it."
Seeing the hopeless of the situation, Antonia huffed "I hope you never regret it," she mumbled, before walking away.
Silence filled the room after Antonia had stormed out in a furious haze. Sara battled the emotions clogged up in her throat, willing herself to stay strong, to continue fighting.
Evelyn walked to sit back on the bed, sighing audibly.
"Mother is right, you know. About your son. You should not have signed him away."
Sara turned to look at her with a determined jaw. "You think I wanted to sign him away? Do you think I was that inhumane?" It was rhetoric, so Evelyn replied with the wave of her head.
"Do you know what she told me after I had filed for divorce?"
"Who?" Evelyn's attention was piped now.
She swallowed. "His mother. She said just because she had kept quiet when I married her son didn't mean she would do same while I was divorcing him. She made it clear that my son belonged to them and they would not let me take him away just because I wanted to. She even swore to make me and my family 'pay' for using her son."
Evelyn could hardly believe it. And made sure to say it. "That is preposterous! How can she say that? We didn't use him, ok? Every kobo we spent was because your generous husband let us."
Sara shrugged. "From her tone, she believed otherwise. In fact, it was as though she was implying something else, and I only found out about it later." When they took away my son, she opted to add but kept the thought to herself.
"She's nothing but a hypocrite for making us look like gold-diggers. If she didn't like us, she should have told us, not insult us behind our backs!" Evelyn retorted, fuming.
Sara stared at her and smiled, happy that her family would always have her back.
"Forget it, Eve. It was a long time ago. Besides, Judy, Martin's wife, helped to open my eyes to the errors of my ways if I had tried to fight back then."
Evelyn was confused. "Really?"
"Yeah. Apparently, there was an issue with the company about embezzlement over some documents Rocky was overseeing. The family were of the opinion I had been involved and would have used financial crime to pack my ass off to jail if I as much as mentioned custody rights."
Sara watched Evelyn squirming on the bed, obviously upset by the news before excusing herself claiming she had to go make dinner.
Eve and Rocky had been lovers and partners in crime. Although Rocky had been jailed in connection to the embezzlement, she had been omitted, in reality, the whole family had been kept out of the issue. And for that at least, Sara was grateful.
Now, as she stared out of her room window to the darkening sky outside, she couldn't help but wonder if giving up on her son that easily had been such a good idea.
I'm not sure I like her family very much.What do you think?
The Amadi's are the perfect example of people who live 'fake life' and Sara is the one carrying all of their financial burdens. 

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